Winter face

Hi darlings, it is so cold I’m dying (but also I love it because yknow Christmas), however due to this Antarctic level chill (slightly dramatic but whatever) my skin has been really dry and needing some moisture (this is a condition (I know ‘condition’, 911; call Dr Shepard) called ‘winter face…apparently), consequently I have had to mix it up in the skincare department to prevent said condition and have been incorporating these 2 products into my everyday skin care routine…..surprise…..they work like a dream. 

Disclaimer; the following products are so millennial they make me want to throw up but whatever they’re affective and YES the packaging is cute….sue me. 

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser


Having heard only good things about this I thought now would be the perfect time to trial it out seeing as I have the aforementioned ‘winter face’. Black Friday rolled around and ‘add to cart’. 

This is truly one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used and the smell is divine (Lou, I hate you), definitely has helped not only bring some moisture back into my skin but clear up some blemishes too.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%


This is a life saver (also cheap cheap cheap….student struggles) serum. It really locks in all the moisture and gives a really good ‘surface’ for makeup. I also use an Emma Hardy prep and prime thing I actually got for free at some Marie Claire thing afterwards and in combination, they work a t r e a t.

Hyaluronic acid is really great for increasing and restoring the collagen in your skin so great for any fine lines and general glow-y-ness too!

Bye bye winter face 


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