A very Glossy day

Hey hey, happy Monday what are you all doing today? (Not that you can tell me…oh wait! Yes you can you can leave a comment ok cool back to the post) This time last week I was in London with my friend Kat:

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 09.03.27.png

and we were headed to the Glossier pop up! If you don’t know what Glossier is (where have you been…jk no judgement most people hadn’t heard of them until this year) they are a cosmetic brand from the US started by Emily Weiss (the ‘super intern’ from the Hills if you were ever into that….look her up…inspirational…on the Hills I mean….in real life too but….whatever) with the aim to create high end quality makeup at affordable prices with a business model that listened to it’s consumers on social media or in person, email etc…and give them exactly what they want. It’s also incredibly aesthetically pleasing, which is half the charm of Glossier (I mean the clues in the title ‘gloss’). 



So anyway, back to the Pop-up situation. After launching in the UK a month or so again, Glossier opened their London pop up for a week just off of Oxford Circus in order to generate a buzz and attract cult and new buyers to have a slice of Glossier pie.



Each room was different, with a chilled sofa room complete with flowing roses and velvet futons. A red velvet room to promote the new fragrance ‘Glossier you’ which smells like a dream BTW… and then the main rooms which had each product played out with spare mascara wands, q-tips and cotton pads so you could have a play with all the products without feeling pressured to buy (although Glossier girls in pink jumpsuits equipt with iPads were there if you wanted to) in a sort of showroom vibe.



It was all super fun and a really interesting way to witness unique way to create income and generate some organic marketing; through Instagram and blog posts like these! If you’re a fashion or marketing student, I would definitely take a look at their business model (LOL who am I) and also…side note (as if my blog is not just one big side note) if you are studying this sort of thing and see companies doing something different, definitely go and check them out – you never know what will be useful to you and it makes visiting stores that much more educational right?!


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