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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of previewing Ralph Lauren’s new collection for the new season. I always think RL is such an interesting brand because they’re heritage is so quintessentially American and yet their pieces work kind of all over the world and with all ages (this has become more apparent as they now sell on ASOS and as you’ll see in the collection, have created pieces which are clearly targeted at an early millennial demographic). You don’t have to be at all interested in fashion to have heard of them – they’re a household name no matter where you are or who you’re with. I think my earliest memory of the brand is wearing one of their kids polo shirts with a tennis-esque style skirt on holiday…I think I had one of those Polo’s in almost every colour! As a consequence, I have such a nostalgic connection to RL and seeing their new collection was such a joy both because of the brand but also the vibe of the collection which definitely has a strong holiday thread throughout….where’s my polo shirt?



I love the lace up detailing on these trousers! It’s such a fun and chic play on a basic pair of black jeans.



This rail is a clear example of the younger target audience I was discussing earlier. That cropped retro sweatshirt and denim jacket I can imagine would do extremely well on ASOS.





Such a great contrast between the lacy pieces paired with the thick stripe and cozy hoodies.



Another rail of clothes I can see being hugely popular with a younger demographic, the embroidered tee and jeans with the retro distressed denim. So cute, so 90’s, so ‘rollin with the homies’. 


I l o v e c h u n k y k n i t s – these tick all the boxes


So I hope that gave you a little preview into the new collection. There were many more exceptionally tailored and beautiful pieces but I decided to just pull out a few which I really loved (have I said love enough in this post?!) and could see myself wearing. 

Since I discussed RL being on ASOS so much here’s the link incase you’re feeling spendy;

Ralph Lauren x ASOS

Talk to ya later!



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