Your productive weekend checklist

Hey hey, currently running on 2 hours sleep thanks to a visit to my friends uni (Thanks P) and weirdly feeling slightly buzzed (adrenaline? caffeine? we don’t know) Anyway I don’t know about you but I personally love a free weekend to just get stuff sorted…get your ducks in a row y’know?! So I thought why not compose a weekend checklist for if you too have a free weekend ahead and are looking to get organised and feel good, ready for the week ahead!¬†


Weekend Checklist

Paint your nails/Get a manicure

Have a bubble bath


Do a hair mask

Do a face mask

Clean out your bag

Clean out your camera roll

Wash your sheets

Wash your towels


Clean your makeup brushes

Organise a messy drawer

Sort out your calendar/make a calendar

Go grocery shopping

Meal prep:

cut up veg & fruit for easy go-to snacks
Cook some salmon/chicken/falafel to throw in salads
Cook some quinoa/rice/buckwheat in bulk for easy lunch and dinner bases

Happy weekend-ing






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