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I hate the feeling of doing nothing, really really hate it. Even if I’m ‘relaxing’ or having a moochy day in, I have to set myself tasks to do just so I feel productive. Recently, some of these tasks have included reading the following books. I’ve split them into 2 categories, wellness and business. 



Goop Clean Beauty

I love learning about ingredients and how to naturally improve your body inside and out. This book is basically the natural beauty bible and contains so much information on what goes into products, what works best on skin/hair types, how your body responds to various foods and how that can be shown through your nails or skin. Just lots of bits and pieces of info like that. Everything is backed by scientific evidence and there are various interviews with other experts in each chapter. My favourite thing at the moment is homemade beauty products and a lot of the ingredients I incorporate into mine, come from reading this book! 

The Life Changing Magic of not giving a F**k

I’ve always felt that September is much more of a ‘fresh start’ than New years day. Perhaps it’s the obvious change of seasons or the ‘back-to-school’ feeling everyone seems to have but it always makes me ready for a ‘spring clean’ in my life. Recently, I’ve been feeling very bogged down by stuff both materially and in my head. This book (yes, it is a playful take on ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’) discusses learning how to only ‘give a fuck’ about things that matter to you without being an asshole (her words.). I’m barely a third of the way through but I am already loving it. Sceptical at first, I was concerned this book was one of those narcissistic guides which tell you to only care about yourself and screw whoever disagrees with your opinion but I am pleased to report it is completely the opposite. Give it a go and let me know what you think…

The Five Minute Journal

On the topic of a ‘new year’, one of my ‘resolutions’ is to use this everyday. Journaling has become such a buzzword in 2017 and I’ve only ever heard good things about getting all your thoughts down on paper in this way. However, as a bit of a whirlwind-y person I never fully got into the idea; as I thought I would just end up doodling and then eventually forgetting about said journal. Therefore I decided to get something with structure that would help me organise my thoughts in a productive (there’s that word again) and helpful way! The 5 minute journal is centred around gratitude and reflection and only takes….you guessed it (well done genius) 5 minutes. The aim is to help you notice all the positives in your day and hopefully create some for yourself (definitely needed at this time of the year…hello S.A.D)!



The Brand Gap

A kind of crash course in bridging the gap between the business of marketing and branding (um hello?! IDEAL for anyone doing Fashion MARKETING & BRANDING). It’s an easy read packed full of useful information, if you could see this picture from a birds eye point of view you’d see how many pages I tabbed!

What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School

Written by the man behind IMG, Mark McCormack, What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School is similar to the Brand Gap in that it tells you how to apply what you’ve been taught with actual practical business. Obviously, in a job where relationship is at the core and you can only be taught so much, taking what you know and have learnt and using it in the day-to-day can be tricky, hence this book which McCormack even states should be on the Harvard recommended reading list…

The Million Dollar Blog

Blogger or not this book is incredibly useful when it comes to understanding branding and advertising in a world obsessed with online. Marketing a product which with a simple google search may be exposed as flawed via blogging reviews adds a whole new dimension to branding in this day and age. Understanding the other side of things, from the consumers perspective can only help and although I initially bought this book due to having a blog, I have to say, I think it will come in use for my third year at uni. The book includes interviews with highly successful bloggers and breaks things down into categories which discuss topics such as; finding your niche, interacting with brands and being consistent. Oh, and as it’s written by a blogger, you can imagine, it’s very easy to read quickly. 

That’s everything I’ve been reading recently (/am in the middle of reading, I’m not Matilda)

Talk to ya soon & let me know what you’ve been reading recently.


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