Haircare for that ‘I just woke up’ look

The following products allow me to get up and go with that whole ‘undone done’ thing I just love when it comes to my hair. Fake bed head is my thing, it’s just so easy and I (weirdly) get lots of compliments on my hair so clearly I’m doing something right! My hair is naturally curly so these also help prevent frizz and help my blow dry last me aaaages whilst maintaining some natural wave…

OGX sunkissed conditioner


First off, no I did not buy this conditioner because of the name but it is a bonus! Sadly this just applies to blondies like myself, this conditioner helps give your colour a POP and really makes the blonde tones look ‘sun kissed’ and bright. I absolutely love it and it’s super affordable which is a win (as well as being organic and all natural).

It’s a 10 miracle spray


So once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, you’re going to want to spray this throughout just to add some extra moisture and nutrients to your mane. I swear by this stuff – it helps my hair feel nourished after it’s been out in the sunshine all summer!

Klorane dry shampoo


I know I know, I just spoke about this but seriously, if you want some added oomph use this at the roots of you hair before you tousle it up. It leaves no residue, no white powder and helps create that bedhead look.

Klorane leave-in-cream


Another Klorane product, I feel as though they’re my new ‘discovery’ as it were this month, if you’re going to purchase anything from this post, it should be this. Since incorporating this into my morning routine I’ve noticed such a huge difference in the texture and quality of my hair. I like to put a pea size amount onto my ends after styling as an extra boost of ‘nutrition’. 

Ouai wave spray


Ouai are just such a dreamy brand. Seriously, all of their products I’ve tried have never failed to disappoint and deliver what you’re expecting but without any of the down sides of many other products; stickiness, residue etc… their salt spray is no exception and delivers the perfect messy wave hold without making your hair feel like straw or sticky. I spray this generously through the ends of my hair and then scrunch up so it looks all tousled. 

Ouai Rose Oil


Oh look another Ouai product. I’ve done a whole review on this in a previous post (click here to read that) but I had to mention it in here too. Whilst all of these products work wonders in my hair and don’t clog it up or make it feel gross, I don’t feel as though my hair is ‘done’ without running some oil through the ends to make it extra soft. This one has been what I’ve been reaching for recently as not only does it smell amazing and any residue I simply rub into my arms but it is super lightweight and absorbs immediately making it perfect to complete the messy/tousled vibes.

That’s everything I use for my ‘bed head’ if you have any recommendations leave them in the comments & I’ll talk to ya later 



    • sunkissedredlips
      September 20, 2017 / 12:10 pm

      Thank you, I highly recommend the Klorane moisturiser out of everything!!! xx

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