A snippet of NYFW

NYFW is almost over and I don’t now about you but personally, I prefer September shows to February. I feel like come September everyone is needing a bit of a boost, a pep talk before embarking on the chunk of the year where the forecast generally lines up with what is perceived to be the stereotypical British climate; rainy, unpredictable, windy and cold. Gone are the months of throwing on a sundress and strolling out the house with a pair of sunnies, feeling easy breezy beautiful. You’re now battling a potential downpour at 4pm and waking up to deceiving sunshine which implies that the temperature is not in fact 12 degrees, and dropping, so you leave the house sans coat and instantly regret your decision. “Do you think I’ll need an umbrella” becomes your catch phrase and wearing those suede shoes you bought in August is looking riskier by the day. 

Enter fashion week. 

Let’s be honest, a jumper and jeans is not very inspiring and yes, whilst we still may reach for that it’s nice to at least feel as though you have the opportunity to be a bit more creative with your A/W outfits. Your choice of accessories or styling of said jeans and jumper may switch up a bit and at the very least, fashion week is amazing to watch and a good distraction for that dark cloud looming overhead (‘I really should have bought an umbrella’)…


Fresh, floral, flirty – Zimmerman’s styling was so good I loved it. Super feminine prints and ruffles paired with clean white or velvet bumbags and squeaky clean tennis shoes as well as dainty heels with jewelled ankle straps to look like anklets – I l o v e d i t. Also shoulders are very in (not for me personally but I can appreciate) and I felt as those the accentuated 80’s shoulder style balanced out the overly girly florals and colours to create a powerful contrast. 






Coach 1941

Coach basically looked like a glitter fest (in a chic NYE way rather than Bestival). There was glitter on the floor, glitter falling, glittery dresses and glittery bags. Handheld bags were featured throughout as well as a lot of t-shirt style silhouette embellished dresses and slip dresses. Of course, there were beautiful buttery leather jackets which Coach has become known for as well as a number of denim pieces. Again, a lot of contrast between fairly masculine jackets and glittery items underneath and the sunglasses really reminded me of Chloé which I thought was interesting seeing as Chloé is obviously Parisian whereas Coach is a fairly traditional American brand. Perhaps this is a new route for Coach…






Alice + Olivia

The entirety of this collection I would scoop up in 3 seconds if I had the money to – it is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is playful and bursting with colour and a kind of cool girliness including the oversized buckle shoes (Carrie Bradshaw vibes anyone?). A lot of the silhouettes imply that the collection is really experimenting with ‘power dressing’ verses classic femininity (you noticing a theme here?) like with the flares for example of even the oversized skirt below. The styling as well from the ‘rich girl hair’ to all the different glasses fits perfectly, Alice + Olivia nailed it.







All photo’s are from VOGUE.com





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