Transitional beauty products

September is a weird month isn’t it? In the UK, September weather tends to be better than August but cooler. It is the ultimate transitional month. 

With the changing of the seasons, I’ve been changing up some products in my morning and evening routines to suit the weather switch (and I’ve basically used up everything I was applying between May & August). Keep reading to find out more!


Avene is known for their french je nais c’est quoi skincare line and I love their setting spray mist spray or whatever it is! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I got these weird red bumps on my shoulders and whilst trying to find a solution I stumbled across Avene’s shower gel which I didn’t even know existed – problem solved! Ok well not solved but within the first wash they were significantly reduced and less inflamed. The french certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to skincare (and baguettes)!


Continuing with the things-france-know-how-to-do-well theme is this Kloraine dry shampoo. It is i n s a n e. Potentially the best dry shampoo I’ve ever come across…including the Ouai’s dry shampoo foam which if you’ve read some of my previous beauty posts you’d know I was obsessed with. It sprays on thin (if that makes sense) so that you don’t get a huge build up and it just blends very smoothly into your hair. It is also, not over powering-ly white so it’s great for all hair colours (although their is one for brunettes) and it’s super affordable, available at Boots! 


Another hair product which has been an all-star this past month is this sample of the Bumble & Bumble invisible oil hair mask. I split this into 2 and applied it liberally at night before bed then braided my hair and slept with it in before washing it out in the morning. What you’re left with is super silky shiny hair that stays soft until you have to wash your hair again.


It’s no secret that essential oils are…well…an essential part of my day-to-day life (to read more click here) and as a generally extremely tired girl (health issues are FUN) I thought it was worth a shot to give this energy essential oil rollerball a try, so far I’m loving it (and yes I am totally aware this may all be psychological but whatever gets me through the day without wanting to be tucked up in bed by 4). Also, am I the only one who thinks carrying essential oil around in your bag is kind of chic? 


Gel manis are a gift and a curse; they look great, leave you with no hassle for up to 3 weeks and make you feel put together and pretty. The downside is if you continuously get them done, your nails can weaken and always always get them taken off somewhere which you trust because that’s where damage can occur. In between gels I highly recommend using this Nails inc. 10 in 1 gel recovery polish which helps strengthen your nails and make sure they stay healthy. Behind it is the Sally Hansen cuticle oil which again, helps moisturise your nails and keep them looking and feeling healthy!


Soap & Glory have jumped on the sheet mask bandwagon and I love it! These puffy eye patches are so helpful for those early morning starts (or post-late night) and these are very affordable and available at Boots and Superdrug – win! 


The final products are these two lip products. Bite’s agave lip was I bought when I was in the US over summer and have been using it every morning and evening now that the weather is getting colder and consequently my lips are feeling a bit dry. It smells amazing and works incredibly well. The other is Glossier’s cult balm with a birthday cake flavour which my babe of a friend Melissa bought for me and tastes/smells as good as it looks (it gives a slight sparkle to your lips).

What are some transitional products you’re currently loving?




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