Guide to Amsterdam 2

Hiya! Here is part 2 of my Amsterdam guide, I’ve merged everything else I did on my trip into this one post. Oh and we’re also introducing another person! Cat (@catcoum) who is also doing a year abroad in Amsterdam….

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The Breakfast club

Ok the jury is out on whether this is part of ‘The Breakfast club’ restaurant chain that is all around London and a couple other cities or whether it just shares the name but either way, the food is good.




Just a quick tip; they do not have GF bread (as far as I’m aware) but they do have soy/almond/coconut milk so you should be able to swap out regular for one of those if you’re vegan or dairy free. I had ‘fried eggs’ which were actually an omelette with the yolks not mixed in (if you understand me) and veg. 



One of the loveliest things about The Breakfast Club is the they have benches outside so we sat outside in the sunshine and had our breakfast! 

What we ordered

Fried Eggs with tomato, mushrooms & avocado

Granola with berries

Overnight oats (which was actually really creamy porridge)











Banksy & Dali exhibition

Located in the Moco Museum this exhibition is definitely worth a visit. It was really the only exhibition we did as my trip was a short one and revolved around international freshers week but I’m so glad we squeezed it in!



It was 10 euro for students and you could see both exhibits. The Banksy collection was the centre of the exhibition with his work taking up 2 floors and being categorised by meaning or topic. 



One thing I loved about it and I don’t know if they do this in every gallery in Amsterdam, but they played music? Which meant that although generally people were quiet, it didn’t feel as anal as some galleries over here do and the atmosphere in general was way more relaxed which I really appreciated. 

Definitely go and check it out even if you aren’t into art, Banksy is accessible to anyone.





Munch is essentially a juice bar + (as in, they also serve food and cakes etc…). We went for breakfast and it did not disappoint. When we went, we weren’t really in the mood for a big meal, just a light brekkie so this was the perfect venue! 



They have an abundance of smoothies and juices as well as ready made salads and vegan/GF cakes and pastries so you can literally pop in anytime.


Personally, I loved how light and airy it was, we sat in the window and soaked up the sun before a busy day running around!

What we ordered:

Hard boiled eggs and spinach

Coconut protein ‘cake’ (this was YUM)


1 Slimming juice & 1 Hydration smoothie







Ok, random, but Amsterdam has beaches…who knew?! (/maybe we weren’t even technically in Amsterdam, I’m not sure). Travel about an hour and a half out of the city and you will find yourself on Bloemendaal beach! (The easiest way and slightly quicker way is to get an uber to Haarlem station and then get a bus, it’s also less expensive than getting an uber the whole way there or we got a tram and a bus initially)


If you go for a late dinner, there’s restaurants all along the beach and they look out onto the ocean so you can catch the sunset as we did (although we did not have dinner). Trust me, the journey is well worth the view!




Bakers & Roasters

What a restaurant. Ok the food here is EXCELLENT but apparently that is a common fact as we arrived and realised there was a queue time so definitely book in advance or go at an ‘off-peak’ time. We only had to wait 40 mins which we didn’t mind as we went exploring and then came back when our table was ready! 





We went for Sunday brunch and brunch is exactly the meal you want to eat here because everything is kind of a mix between lunch and breakfast food. For example, I had Kimchi fried rice (brown rice, kimchi, bean sprouts, spring onions, toasted sesame seeds, chia seeds, avocado and two poached organic free-range eggs.) so it was a real mix of morning and midday foods. The food was also really filling, I don’t think any of us finished our meal (that is surprising for us)!

The atmosphere was lovely, really buzzy and there’s kind of a coffee shop set up inside so you get to see all the drinks being made. It was gorgeous weather when we went and consequently, they had opened up the front so the restaurant basically flowed out onto the street.

What we ordered:

Kimchi fried rice

Detox tea

American Style Pancakes


Veggie Breakfast

Green smoothies (not for the faint hearted…these are bitter)









The Coffee Company

Bit of a random one seeing as this is essentially just a chain coffee shop but if you are looking for something slightly different to Starbucks but want more than your average espresso/cappucino situation then definitely try and find one of these! They do everything from frozen cappuccinos (Han is a fan) to a basic filter coffee and everything in between.

Another bonus, although some of the stores are grab & go, there are a couple which are decorated really beautifully (minimalist vibes) and have magazines, plug, big tables for laptop-ers etc….


They’re kind of everywhere but one of the best we found is very close to the aforementioned Bakers & Roasters so pop round the corner if you haven’t already got your caffeine fix!





This concludes my Amsterdam guide! I might start doing these more when I travel as I know I find it really useful to see where other people go when travelling to a new place so look out for a couple more in the future! Oh and again, if you have any recommendations please feel free to leave them in the comments!




Talk to ya soon



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