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Hey hey, I am currently in Amsterdam (still feels like Im in the UK seeing as the flight was 45 minutes and thus shorter than most train journeys I make to and from uni) visiting my best friend who is here for her year abroad! 

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So, as I am here for a few days I thought, why not do a little Amsterdam guide on the blog. I feel as though in the past couple of years Amsterdam has become very popular with younger generations (I mean….it’s not hard to guess why…brownie anyone?) but so much is still so hidden and un-heard-of. I’ll try and put one of these up for the next couple of days whilst I’m here so it’ll be broken up into parts – check back each day to see more of my adventures in Amsterdam!

The Avocado Show

Ok let’s just start with being basic ok?! This restaurant has gone semi-viral in the last few months and i actually found out about it because of a video on my Facebook newsfeed. It is a totally avocado focussed restaurant! Literally, every dishes main ingredient? Avocado. Including smoothies and desserts. As avocado obsessors ourselves, Han & I had our first official meal (brunch) here and fell in love! 


Both the food and the service were great and it was quiet enough that we easily got a table but the atmosphere was still buzzy! One thing I really appreciate in a restaurant is the attention to detail and that is where The Avocado Show shines. I mean just look at my toast!



But everything from the coffee cups (made from recycled materials I might add) to the colour scheme, the open coffee bar and the decor were co-ordinated and you could tell that the company had clearly caught the wave of ‘instagrammable’ establishments as well as the avocado food trend.


Just remember, they don’t take cash only card.


What we ordered:

Eggs with bacon 

Avocado ‘rose’ toast on GF bread

The Circle of Trust

Once you’re full from avocado, head on over to The Circle of Trust! It’s another concept store which feels super boutique-y and carries multiple brands including it’s own and American vintage.





The merchandising is wonderful and so pleasing to wander around that even if you aren’t planning on purchasing anything it’s worth a visit.




Definitely check out the homeware they carry such as rugs and plants, vases etc…. as well as the beautiful jewellery and little nick nack things. 

Anna + Nina


You may have seen this gorgeous brand on instagram but they have a department store/concept store in the centre of Amsterdam. Again, regardless of whether you purchase anything I 100% recommend visiting the store to gaze at the merchandising alone!

IMG_6018 copy.JPG



Honestly, we could have spent the whole day in there (and it is not that big of a store) just chilling. I got so much inspiration for interior decorating and just life in general really! 




Mystery flower shop

The final mention on today’s guide is sadly a mystery. We totally forgot to check what the name of the store was so all I can tell you is it’s near China town/red light district but only a street or so over from the main square where the tram drops you off at the station ‘Dam’!




Walking into this shop is like walking into an Aladdins cave of flowers, shells and handmade decor. It is absolutely adorable and really random for the area it’s located. You can purchase flowers, succulents (for only a euro!) as well as some beautiful shell bracelets and necklaces which we both bought (Again super cheap; The bracelet was 2 euro and the necklace 6.50).





If you can find it make sure to head upstairs which resembles a studio but is a lovely area to browse and take photographs in! Oh and if you do stumble upon it, please leave the name in the comments or I’ll update this post if I figure it out!

Come back tomorrow for the next install-ment of my Amsterdam Adventures!

See ya soon





    • sunkissedredlips
      August 25, 2017 / 9:31 pm

      It’s beautiful! You should definitely try and get here when you can! Xx

    • sunkissedredlips
      August 30, 2017 / 9:56 am

      Definitely go and visit if you can! It’s so beautiful and there’s so much to see xx

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