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Hey hey, today’s post is all about hair and haircare (confused by the title….stick with me). I’ve been getting a bunch of comments recently saying how long my hair has got and how healthy it looks so I thought I’d do a little product post on something I use religiously to ensure my hair looks the best it can! Hair oil (title making sense now…?! No? Ok well I tried). 


I first started using hair oil a couple of years ago after I used heat tools on it as it always made my hair look so shiny and healthy afterwards regardless of how many times I had straightened/curled it. I also found that it stopped my ends from splitting and kept my hair from getting that ‘I-need-a-haircut-but-I-have-no-time’ frazzled look. 

My hair is also naturally curly which means frizz and hair oil helps tame and polish my crazy curls when I want to wear it ‘au naturale’


Hair oil is just a one-stop-shop for maintaining well….your mane. You can use it on wet, dry, damp hair, before or after you style it. I like to put loads on (note: my hair is thick) just before I go to bed and by morning it’s all sunk in and is soft and shiny!


My three faves currently are by Ouai, Macadamia oil and O&M. They are all essentially the same but the oils are extracted from different sources! Also, Ouai’s can be used on your body too and probably smells the best out of all of them. 


One of the key things to keep in mind when using hair oils is that a little goes a long way and unless you’re using them in a sort of mask situation, you really don’t need that much for it to be effective! This is also why you shouldn’t let cost throw you off as hair oil lasts a LONG time so it really is quality over quantity. That being said, if you’re looking for a super cheap alternative then OGX make a great argan oil so check that out, I’ve used it in the past and it really is great. 

If you’re interested in giving any of these oils ago then simply click on the brand names or below for a direct link! If you try any out or know of any other great brands then please do let me know in the comment section.

Ouai Rose oil

OGX Argan oil

O&M Frizzy logic shine serum

Macadamia Natural healing oil






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