Playground hair

I have a distinct memory of standing infront of my mum as she brushed my hair into 2 neat sections and whipped up each into the most perfect little symmetrical pigtails slightly behind the sides of my head and wrapped each in a (burgundy…school colours) scrunchie & then off I went to primary school.

Once I got a bit older I remember quickly pulling out my (this time striped) scrunchie and flipping my hair around with my best friend Hannah in the playground (we thought we were the sixth and seventh members of Girls Aloud….obviously), my scrunchie rebelliously on my wrist (badass).

After the brief hiatus the scrunchie & I suffered through secondary school (headbands became the cool accessory) it’s back, this time in black velvet and loosely wrapped around a messy ponytail, or around my wrist….”just in case”. 

The hair accessory of my childhood is back but, like me, it’s just grown up a little bit.





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