Pretty Smart

“You chose books, I chose looks”, if you grew up in the midst of Roald Dahl stories then you’ll know that this quote is from Matilda and is part of a dialogue between Mrs Wormwood and Miss Honey. The point is that Miss Honey is informing Matilda’s mother how bright she is and Mrs Wormwood could not care less, placing the value of ones achievements on looks. However, who would you rather be? Miss Honey? Or Mrs Wormwood? 


Getting dressed and doing your makeup in order to feel pretty is fun and we all love to do it. It’s a good feeling, looking in the mirror and thinking you look lovely. However, let’s be honest, when someone compliments your appearance it’s nice, but when someone compliments your personality or other qualities of your person doesn’t it carry a heavier weight. Doesn’t it actually make you feel fantastic. 

There’s such a pressure on younger girls and just women in general to look pretty I mean cmon there’s literally that old phrase ‘sit still, look pretty”. However what’s the point in settling for just looking a certain way, when we’d rather be complimented on something deeper? 


I’m not bashing putting effort into your appearance, I personally love the whole process of getting ready and I like feeling as though I’ve tried when getting dressed etc… but that should not be our focus as girls! 

Let’s be pretty smart, pretty educated, pretty insightful, pretty inspiring, pretty independent, pretty fun, pretty loving. There’s so much more to you than your face and the clothes you picked out this morning. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who looks beautiful and when she opens her mouth educated, thoughtful and beautiful words tumble out. 


So make it just as important to educate yourself, find something you’re passionate in, be kind, be humble and be more than your appearance. 

Remember; the least impressive thing you can be is pretty.

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