Everyday Makeup

Writing this post currently in Boston (although I’ll be back in the U.K. by the time you’ll be reading it….spooky! Ok not really.) hence why it’s a slightly different backdrop. I thought I’d do a little updated everyday makeup routine as I haven’t done one since December and it’s changed a fair bit. I may do a tutorial type post like I did last time as well, but we shall see!


Step one is obviously moisturiser, my favourite at the moment is by Juice beauty (all natural) and absorbs into my skin super quick which is great for applying makeup in a hurry!

Then I have to follow up with my Milk blurring stick which is a dream of a product and makes you look flawless even before further makeup.


After that I use 2 concealers; Tarte Amazonian clay for my general face area and then Glossier’s stretch concealer which I use under my eyes as it blends so well and never creases. Best under eye concealer I’ve ever used. I then set all that with the Becca blurring finishing powder which I’ve spoken about here but is just such a good powder and that’s coming from an anti-powder user.


Next is the eyes, I still love my Charlotte Tilbury pot if I’m going to wear eyeshadow as it just adds a nice little sparkle to your eyes and then I simply curl my lashes and apply a couple (ok maybe a lot) of coats of Pacifica mascara which is a totally new product for me as it’s an all natural mascara but I have to say I really like it, the only downside is that I usually have to reapply a coat of two by 3pm if I’ve had makeup on all day but I find that with non-natural mascaras also!


Eyes are the windows to the soul and eyebrows are the curtains?! Wall?! I don’t know it’s something like that isn’t it? Anyway, I fill mine in using the Anastasia brow pencil as per usual in light brown, just to darken them up slightly.


Finally, I dab a bit of this bright coral Pacifica lipstick in the middle of my lips and blend it out for that bitten look thats being seen everywhere and just makes you look really fresh faced.

That’s it – voila, you look just like me!


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