Clean beauty glossary pt.2

Hiya! Navigating the minefield that is the cosmetic industry can be confusing at the best of times especially when you’re trying to keep any toxins away from your face and body. Enter; The clean beauty glossary… part 2. (click here to read part 1).


Coal Tar

We discussed endocrine disruptors last time and coal tar is another form of a carcinogenic chemical. Made from…you guessed it…coal, burning coal. Need I say more about why this should not be in your bloodstream?!


Sulphates are what make some high street shampoo’s and conditioners foam excessively, making you feel like you’re getting a deep clean in but really they aren’t doing much. You’ll often see packaging with ‘sulfate free’ stamped on the front. Again, there has been research showing that sulfates can be carcinogenic but it is one of the most debated ingredients. To be safe, do some research and make up your own mind or just steer clear to be on the safe side!



This is basically a code word for ‘nasty-poisonous-ingredients-we-want-to-hide’ be very cautious if this is one of the first ingredients listed in a product (the sooner it’s listed, the larger proportion of the product is made up of it).

Botanical extract

Botanical extracts are when a cosmetic has a certain plant (‘botanical’) in it which contains therapeutic or medicinal purposes.¬†Products using these extracts which are used to improve your health may be called herbal¬†products, botanical products, or phytomedicines!



Possibly the most commonly used buzz-phrase in the cosmetic industry at the moment is ‘all-natural’, but what does this mean exactly? Lemme break it down for you…it’s really simple. It is all….natural, meaning that there are no synthetic ingredients at all. Usually, legit all natural products have a very short ingredients list and you are able to pronounce if not know all of them. Some brands that are all natural are; Tata Harper, RMS & Herbivore botanicals!

I hope this helped you out and like I said in part 1, if you’re confused about any other terms comment them below or DM me on my social media (links at the side) and I’ll help you out!

Talk to ya later




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