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Hiya, how is everyone (rhetorical question I can’t hear your response) I’m writing this from a Starbucks, how basic but anyway, just wanted to share with you some makeup/skincare goodies I’ve been really into recently. You may know from my instagram (@amy_coops4) but I am currently enjoying some beautiful sunshine in a lil island off of Florida and therefore am a) not really wearing much makeup AT ALL….even less than I usually do so basically none and b) I’m about 50 shades darker (get it) so some new products have entered my life via Sephora (Sorry Dad) and a couple other places so I thought why not share my summer skin and makeup loves! 


I may be totally OCD here but I keep reading all these articles that are discussing how you should start preventing skin aging etc… early; It’s all about prevention. Therefore, I have been taking this quite seriously for a while but when all (not an exaggeration) my skincare ran out day 2 into my holiday I started deciding which products I would repurchase and which I should try. Ole Hendrickson is a great brand and I’ve used a couple products in the past but I always heard wonderful reviews of their truth serum and after using a small 100 point Sephora member thingy of it I had to agree & invested. I put this on at night before bed and wake up to glowing skin every morning that feels soft and bright, I love it as an intense serum. It also isn’t too thick so you could wear this in the day under makeup and it wouldn’t cause it to cake. 


I love products that blur the line between skincare and makeup, the Milk blur stick does just that. This is basically a massive Clinique chubby stick for your face. The purpose of it is to be applied pre-foundation (or post actually) and it ‘blurs’ your imperfections causing you to need less foundation, less concealer or in fact none! I was slightly skeptical about how effective this product would be at first but it really does work well. I use this with Clinique’s SPF 25 and it works a treat for the whole no makeup-makeup thing. 


This leads me on to the next product which is also a ‘blurring’ situation. Becca’s soft light blurring powder. Again, I had heard great reviews and thought why not give it a go. I rarely wear powder but if I do it’s usually a couple of dabs of the cult classic Laura Mercier translucent but after using this, I can’t image going back to that. This has a slight tint of colour so it doesn’t photograph white but not enough that it actually changes the colour of your complexion. It also really does blur your imperfections. I just dab some under my eyes and on any red areas et voila! It also has the teeniest bit of shimmer so it adds a lovely natural glow to your skin.



This month Glossier finally launched in the UK however I purchased this next product out here in the US (but just a heads up if you’re a UK reader), the Glossier stretch concealer is again a product which bridges skincare and makeup as it’s a super lightweight formula which blends perfectly and doesn’t crease, making you look makeup-less whilst adding enough coverage to brighten up under your eyes and (in my case) still show your freckles! 


Pacifica is an eco-friendly cruelty free cosmetic brand which I’ve been using for shower gel etc for a while and recently just tried out their nail polish! Let me tell you out of all the products I’ve mentioned in this post, this is the one I insist you try. They are 7 free (formulated without parabens, phthalates (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, and animals.) and last longer than any other nail polish I’ve tried. Seriously they are amazing and really affordable. They’re slightly trickier to find but check out any health food stores or whole foods as they tend to be stocked there!

That’s everything I wanted to shoutout in this post, sorry it’s so long I just wanted to share all my thoughts and review each one a little bit.

Talk to ya later


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