Beach waves 101

Hi hi hi, ok so imagine Bob Marley meets Naomi from the new 90210 (look it up) and that’s my natural hair type…i.e: out of control. 

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However, over the years I’ve found some tips and tricks and products that help tame the tangles and so I thought I would share these with you incase you too have possessed hair or you are wanting some beach waves yourself!


So some tips n tricks, this works if you have curly or straight hair, y’know how when you were in primary school, you used to wear your hair in 2 plaits/braids and then at the end of the day you would take them out and have those crimp-like-waves…well this is the adult version of that. Rather than doing 2 plaits, you’re going to do a french plait and then sleep in it. In the morning, simply remove et voila! I like to put oil on my hands and then scrunch the ends bit just to add some life into it.


If you’re into curling your hair with tongs, you can turn those polished curls into waves with the simple trick of salt spray. However, rather than using it directly on your hair, spray some on your hand and then add a small bit of moroccan or argan oil and scrunch, tousle whatever!


If you’re a morning shower-er (?!) once you get out the shower chuck a curl mask or jelly on your hair, take pieces all over your hair and twist them around your finger. Make sure that you take small pieces the closer to your face you get to add some softness and texture.


As well as a braid, a messy bun is not just a hairstyle for greasy roots, sleeping with a messy bun in can create some cool textures throughout your hair, giving you natural waves. You can brush them out for a big bouncy curl or simply run a comb through it for some kinky (…) curls. 

Personally, nothing does my curls better than the sea air and a bit of humidity but that is not possible all year round! So, I hope these tips I use when it isn’t possible to have the sea as a salon help you out too.





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