Summer reads: Into the water

Hiya! Summer reads is back (THRILLING NEWS!) I have only been away for one day but I read this book on the plane so I thought, might as well kick the series off straight away!

“Into the water” by Paula Hawkins is written by the same author who wrote “Girl on a train” so if you were into that book/film & similarly Gone Girl (some major life lessons learnt from that movie…..jk jk….anyway) then you will love this book! 


The plot centres around a small town in the UK which has a river running through it which seems to link different women throughout history and their deaths (usually suicides). Each ‘chapter’ is from a different characters point of view demonstrated by each chapter being named after that character. It’s a murder mystery/history into witches (not a key theme but briefly mentioned)/ psychological thriller and it is fantastic.


I honestly could not put it down I walked around the airport once we’d landed reading it – through customs, in baggage claim etc… until it was finished (managed to do it before we left Logan Airport. I would highly highly recommend this – it will absorb you until you’ve finished (sounds creepy…but so is the book). 


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  1. Brooke Nicole Clarke July 3, 2017 / 8:02 am

    I’ve only read a few chapters of this, and then life took over and I couldn’t find the time to pick it back up! Definitely going to start reading this ASAP! x

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