My Skincare routine

Hiya! So  a while ago I did a post called ‘How I fixed my skin’ which was all about some changes I made in order to rescue my what was then suffering skin. When I was writing that post I thought my skin could not get any better. Well I was wrong because currently…my skin is the best it’s ever been and 100% I credit this down to 2 things; my skincare routine & water. 


Ok so first things first (DOOOOON’T), water is the elixir of life for skin. Seriously you would not believe the difference it makes. I drink between 3 and 4 litres a day and I find having a bottle which can store about 500ml in means that I know exactly how much I’m drinking! In terms of when I drink water, I just have a bottle whenever I’m thirsty but I’ve found that starting and ending my day having a bottle full of water helps my digestive system and just generally makes me feel great so I would definitely recommend doing that. Once you start you’ll quickly notice a difference tot he texture, evenness and glow of your skin. Also if you tend to break out a lot, try drinking a ton of water for a week and see how much your skin clears up – you just have to try it out!


Ok so onto skincare….we got a lot to cover, stick with me….




So I’ve spoken before about double cleansing, (click here if you would like to read about that) I use Skin Laundry and Eve Lom for that (the oil first) then once I’ve done that I spritz a little bit of LUSH tea tree toner spray just to freshen up (Kopari rose toner is also great) and then I apply my Skin Laundry moisturiser and Body Shop vitamin E eye cream. If my eyes are puffy I just use my little jade roller to roll under the eyes and poof! The bags are gone. It may seem like a few steps but seriously it takes me about 3 minutes.




Ok this is where it gets a bit more technical seal we say but don’t freak out, these steps aren’t necessary I just really enjoy the process as it calms me down and makes my skin feel fantastic. It also can take 5-10 minutes if you want it to so just y’know STAY CALM! 



I cleanse my face again using Skin Laundry & Eve Lom and spritz the toner on however then if my skin is looking a little dull a apply LUSH ocean salt to my face as a little scrub that gets rid of any gross layers of skin and always gives me an extra glowy-ness (not a word Amy) I then use The Ordinary retinoid on my face and neck because I’m paranoid and turned 20 and want to prevent the raging process hitting me in 10 years when I’m not expecting it (better safe than sorry). Once thats all dry I apply this super thick clinique moisture surge mask I actually got as a freebie when I bought the clinique brush head I’m about to talk about (the photo is above incase you were wondering what that alien contraption was). This is a massage add on to the Clinique cleansing brush and I use it to massage all my moisturisers etc.. into my skin at night! I really really like it as it tends to naturally stay cool and feels great on the skin (click here to read about the benefits of facial massage) Finally I put this thick Clinique eye cream on (another freebie) and go to sleep (after downing some water of course). You could also chuck a mask in after the toner instead of a scrub I like the Eve Lom rescue mask and anything Glam Glow



That’s it – might seem crazy but like I said I love investing time into my skin as good skin is the best base for makeup and it makes me feel a lot more confident when my skin is naturally looking and feeling good! What are your favourite skincare products?

Talk to ya later


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