Top 5 natural beauty swaps

Hiya! So as I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing this from me, I am a big advocate for natural beauty/remedies etc… so I thought I would do a post all about the most crucial swaps you should make if you’re at all interested in cleaning up your beauty routine. Here are my top 5…



Your skin is the biggest organ on your body. And the largest, most absorbent pores in your body are found under your arms, your armpits. That means that whatever you’re spraying/rolling under there is being absorbed into your bloodstream and your body, just as if you ate the product! So even if you’re ‘eating clean’, products like deodorant can still add chemicals to your body. 

Ok so that’s the science (lol check me) but this is what to look out for. Antiperspirants also stop you from sweating which is just as bad for you as spraying toxins into your underarms as sweat is your bodies way to naturally detoxify. The issue is B.O and the side effects of sweating day-to-day and that’s where natural deodorants are great! I will admit it’s tricky to find some that work but my personal favourite is PitRok

Oh I should add, if you swap to a natural deodorant, your body naturally adjusts to the lack of chemicals etc…and sweats more. But within a couple of days it simmers down and it’s all good! So stick with it seriously. 

If you want to know more about some other healthy natural deodorants, check out this guide by They’ve compiled a list based upon research through consumers and dermatologists so you can definitely trust them as a source of info!

Shower Gel


Similarly to deodorant, shower gel is applied all over the body INCLUDING (I hope, I pray) your underarms. So it’s being absorbed just like your deodorant, though it doesn’t block sweat, all the other side effects of deodorant occur with shower gel! There are plenty of affordable, accessible options now on the market. One of the cheapest being Kind Natured, however my favourite is Pacifica.



Ok so, exfoliants that aren’t made from natural ingredients confuse me. I don’t see the point seeing as there are so many natural ingredients that too a fantastic job. Coffee, sugar, sea salt, oatmeal are 4 I can name off the top of my head. Using a natural scrub is cheaper and better for you; it’s a win win. If you’re looking to buy one then LUSH to a great face and body scrub called ‘Ocean Salt‘. 

Shampoo & Conditioner


Your hair is delicate and easily damaged, which is why using organic, and primarily plant based products on it are crucial to maintaining healthy and glossy strands. A lot of shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals and toxins that are linked to cancers and other illnesses. Furthermore, many common conditioners are filled with…plastic. Yup. This coats each strand and causes it to look shiny but eventually snap! So it ends up ruining your hair and causing further breakage!! If that’s not enough to do the switch I don’t know what is. Luckily there is a fantastic affordable brand that’s easily accessible; OGX, I’d highly recommend all of their products (trust me, I’ve tried many) they really work and all smell incredible. 

Lip Balm


Ok fun fact (not so fun a bit gross actually) but you end up eating the majority of product you put on your lips. So yet again, you’re consuming beauty product! Most lip balms have a base of petroleum jelly which is filled with fragrance & toxins! Swap to balms based in coconut oil, honey or any other plant based ingredients for a much healthier routine!

Hope this has given you some more info on why to swap and to what! 

Talk to ya later 



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