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Hiya, so even though my sustainable month is over I still want to do some posts about sustainability and eco friendly ness because I find it really interesting and I think every little helps so why not.

As I said in my post about my favourite sustainable beauty favourites, I promised I’d do some more for other categories and today is the (slightly more boring) lifestyle favourites (I say boring but if you’re anything like me you find the laundry detergent aisle thrilling…I wish I was kidding I really wish…I need to be sectioned). So that being said here are some of my favourite brands and products that I really like!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 08.03.43.png

1.Method ‘sweet water’ handwash £1.99, Waitrose. 2. Ecover laundry detergent, £5, Waitrose. 3. Green people toothpaste, £2.95, . 4. Starbucks travel mug, £12.96-£16.95, Starbucks 5. Method multi-purpose spray, £3, Waitrose. 6. Glass water bottle, £9.99, 7. Mind the cork (really cute recycled homeware made from cork!). 8. Pacifica scented candle, £9.00 (on offer), Holland & Barrett. 9. Sweaty Betty recycled yoga mat, £65, Sweaty Betty. 

Just a quick tip: If you are interested in going eco on some of your products do not just chuck away the ones you’re using now as that’s just as harmful! Simply use up the product you want to swap and then purchase the new one. Wasting product doesn’t help anybody!

Talk to ya later!


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