Hiya! Sorry for my mini-hiatus, I’ve been a bit busy turning 20…lol. Also I’m a grandma with the immune system of one also and so I have been OUT cold (shattered out of my mind, ill every morning it’s wonderful) after just the 1 late night (which was my birthday)….how I’ve survived 2 years of university I will never know. ANYWAY, today I’m back with some pics from the party which was a little intimate BBQ thing with some of my nearest and dearest (clearly the grandma thing is affecting my writing now too FANTASTIC). Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 17.27.03IMG_3163




The food was all stuff I could a) eat and b) not feel gross after. Think light and refreshing food. On the barbie we had salmon, chicken skewers and then lamb and chicken burgers (there was also a burger bar type situation where you could add whatever toppings you wanted, sauces etc…. and then for sides we had lots of different veg salad options as well as sweet potato fries and cauliflower buffalo wings. Below are some recipes which are either exactly the ones we used or super similar. Oh, and shoutout to my Mum and Dad for creating the delicious feast!

Salmon, Cauliflower wings, Coleslaw, Beetroot dip, balsamic mushrooms






My dress: Stevie May currents star mini dress



A party isn’t a party without a bar. We had lots of non-alcoholic drinks which could either be drunk on there own or used as mixers. Then ofc we had lots of prosecco, champagne and rosé. LIFE HACK, prosecco mixed with rosé, Han and I discovered, is amazing, highly recommend. We also had a pitcher of sangria for those who love a cocktail.

Prosecco, Sangria, Rosé, Rosé 2.0


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 17.34.11

The Cake

One of my all time faves, GF &DF beetroot and chocolate cake! It’s insane. No one could tell there was veg in it and it went down a TREAT. Click here for a similar recipe.



I wanted a super chilled summery vibe so we used a lot of mixed metallics to just add a nice tone to the otherwise green garden. Also I thought it was a great excuse to get those giant number balloons. They still haven’t gone down in fact they’re behind me in my room as I type this!

Balloons, Hanging decor, Lights, 20 balloon



Lol excuse the decorators ladder…




The aftermath

Thank you to everyone who made the day as lovely and perfect as it was – Love ya


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