Sustainable/natural beauty picks

Hiya! So as my month of sustainability draws to a close I thought I would just do a quick wrap up of some sustainable/natural products you should definitely check out if you’re interested in swapping out some of your old products for some more eco-friendly ones.

I recommend these because they WORK, as I know that a lot of the time the worry with natural products is that they won’t deliver as good results as artificial ones. But don’t worry – I got chu. This post is all about my ‘beauty picks’ stay tuned for some fashion and lifestyle ones to come! 


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.53.02.png

1.PitROK original deodorant, £4.05, Superdrug. 2. Smith’s Cult nail polish in ‘regret the moon’, £19, SpaceNK. 3. Babe Balm, £28, Clean Beauty Co. 4. RMS living luminizer, £30, 5. Lano lips, £7.99, Waitrose. 6. Ocean Salt scrub, £8.99, LUSH. 7. Aveda ‘sham pure’ dry shampoo, £14.50, John Lewis. 8. OGX Sunkissed blonde shampoo, £6.99, Boots. 9. O&M Frizzy logic hair oil, £23, SpaceNK. 

Just a quick tip: If you are interested in going eco on some of your products do not just chuck away the ones you’re using now as that’s just as harmful! Simply use up the product you want to swap and then purchase the new one. Wasting product doesn’t help anybody!

Talk to ya later oh & if you’re in the UK please please please GO & VOTE!

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