Drink Up!

Hiya! Bit of a ‘health & wellness’ post today. I love drinks. I am that person who has 3 drinks on the go constantly (I also ALWAYS am holding something at a party (a drink….don’t be creepy) it calms me down idk), I like the fact that you’re ‘doing something’ all the time and I don’t know it just makes me feel good being super hydrated and doing my body some good (unless it’s champagne but a little party never killed nobody (kill me)) . So I thought why not do a post on some drinks/ drink add-ins that’ll spice up your life a little bit if you don’t drink soda/coke/sugary drinks like me! Keep on reading to find out more…


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I love Kombucha it takes a bit of time to get used to and you have to find a flavour that you really enjoy (although typically, I really like just plain old ‘original’) but once you do you’re set! Kombucha is a fermented drink that helps your gut and digestive system and is filled with probiotics which do your body ALOT of good (to read more click here). The one I’m attempting to make out with in this pic is from ‘Equinox kombucha’ super yummy. The only downside is it can be expensive but what I like to do is buy a bottle and then you can mix it with sparkling water or rosé for a little spritzer! Super yummy and saves some money (almost rhymed how beautiful).  

Superfood powders


Powders are really a gem because a) cheap cheap (you can find nearly all of them from amazon…I love ‘Sevenhills’ as a powder brand) b) practical and c) you can cook with them! The 2 in this image are ‘maca’ and ‘wheatgrass’ which you can add to anything, porridge, stews (maybe not the wheatgrass but definitely maca), soups but for the intention of this post, you can add them to water and smoothies. I prefer to do a wheatgrass shot (great energy, full of vitamins and helps your digestion, read more here) and add maca to a smoothie or coffee to help balance hormones. 

Chia Seeds


I have DEFINITELY spoken about chia seeds before and if you haven’t heard of these champions by now c’mon it’s 2017 but lemme tell you anyway. They are full of protein, vitamins and they swell with water so are great to add to things when you’re hungry as they can help satisfy any cravings in between meals (read more here). They are basically tasteless so I often add them to water just to add some extra protein into my diet! Also cheap cheap!!

Shots, shots, shots!

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Sadly, not tequila. You can now buy little shots in most supermarkets packed with goodness like ginger, turmeric and lemon! Great for warding off colds and improving your metabolism. This one is from Moju and you can buy it at Waitrose! Highly recommend if your immune system needs a boost and you’re a guy/girl on the go. Super practical and quick for a health kick. 

I also love to add lemon juice to water and tea in the morning it helps jump start your body in the morning and tastes great (also try it in sparkling water for a little fun fizz). And if you aren’t a fan of black coffee then try adding a splash of coconut milk for some healthy fat and protein.

I hope you enjoyed this post & got some tips from it! If you try any of these out please comment and let me know! Talk to ya later 


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