Jade Rolling 101

Hiya!I always always want to type ‘how are ya?’ but that would be slightly pointless as small talk is really only used when you are able to receive an immediate response so whatever (although hope you’re all well xxxxxxxxx) ANYWAY today’s post is all about jade rolling! Those who know me know that I’m very into natural remedies and living bla bla (goop) bla – I came across the jade roller whilst browsing on amazon (anyone else?!) and after some in-depth research decided it was worth a go (it’s also only a fiver).

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Ok so; what is a jade roller and why should you own/use one? Jade rollers are basically like a workout for your face. They help improve circulation, boost lymphatic drainage (your body holds toxins in these things called ‘lymphs’ all over you body and they sometimes need a little boost to naturally ‘drain’. If you want to read more click here), they help eliminate puffiness, help tone your face and ‘plump out’ wrinkles i.e; anti-aging. I’m all about preventative measures so as I enter my twenties in 2 weeks (12 days exactly….I think) I figure that it is time to start thinking about these things a little bit.  

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So, how do you do it? I like to apply a serum such as the one featured above by ‘The Ordinary’ and then use the jade roller to massage it in. I love this one because the large side is great for your face, you can roll it over your cheeks, chin, forehead. I like to do it down my back and across my chest too (especially if I have sore shoulders) and then the smaller side you can use under your eyes do de-puff them (works amazingly) and over your eyebrows.

On the topic of using it on your eyebrows, this feels great if you have sinus issues. I always have a sinus headache…always. I cannot remember the last time when it didn’t hurt when you press all along my brow bone, it sucks but whatever. This really helps relive the symptoms and it’s ben annoying me less since I started using this every evening (consistency people!)

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Another amazing thing about jade is it naturally stays cool so if you use this in the morning to de-puff your eyes it feels lovely and cold without you having to do anything!

Basically a jade roller is a must have for your morning routine and oh! another tip! Try using it with your primer, I think it really makes a different as to how smooth my makeup goes on afterwards. Ok I’m done obsessing now but seriously try it out and let me know what you think! 

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  1. Heidi June 1, 2017 / 2:20 pm

    Interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of Jade rolling. Sound fab!

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