Sustainable Month: The Body Shop

Hiya! It’s been 2 weeks since I started sustainable month and it’s getting quite difficult. The main issue I’m finding is that there really are not many accessible places to shop that are sustainable. Especially when it comes to clothes, ASOS have an ‘eco’ edit on their site which has been great but apart from that there is an extremely limited selection currently in the UK. However, one of the joys has been the beauty industry as a lot of products are now sustainable and cruelty free, with brands emerging every month with those two things at the core of their business. One of the most accessible sustainable brands on the high street is The Body Shop! 

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Until a few days ago I think the last time I stepped foot in a body shop was around year 9 when everyone used to carry around the Body Shop mini body butters and slap it on constantly (did anyone else’s school do this?! Or were we just EXTRA moisturised….it was an all girls school so beauty was naturally TOP priority). I kind of knew that they had had a rebrand recently (blame the degree) and were focussing on being a skincare go-to with products that really worked but were all natural, however I just had never thought to go in. Well, this changed the other day and let me tell you it is amazing! They have so many new ranges including one all based in oils and tea tree, theres a vitamin E and D one…just lots of new products and it was really refreshing to see. Also, a lot of their products are now in glass containers rather than plastic which is great and they offer a recycling scheme for old packaging as well as the plastic they do use already being recycled! 

Here’s what I bought:


Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

Back in the day when we were in year 9 and slapping body butters on our arms during english this was my go-to scent and I couldn’t help pick out a body scrub in the same smell as a) I have been looking for a new body scrub and b) nostalgia

Honey Bronze shimmering dry lotion

Kopari (that brand I was talking about a couple of posts before) do a bronze shimmer lotion which adds a lovely glow to your body and I have wanted to purchase it for a while but the price always stopped me so when I saw this cheaper (but still natural) alternative I knew I had to buy it. So perfect for layering over your summer tan to make yourself look like a glowing goddess (the ultimate aim obviously)

Vitamin E eye cube

3 for 2 on skin and makeup products meant that I decided to purchase some eye creamy things as I’ve been meaning to get a new eye cream and thought that I might as well try out The Body Shop’s vitamin E range! It’s affordable and packed full of benefits so we’ll see how it goes!

Vitamin E eye cream

Ditto (is that still a thing?!).


So pop into your local Body Shop next time your on the hunt for some skincare goodies and see what you can find! I really want to try out their ‘oils’ range but we’ll see how these go first.

Bye babes! 


*Update: I completely spaced and forgot that The Body Shop is owned by L’oreal so whilst TBS segment is sustainable etc the parent company isn’t so obviously take that into consideration. If you want to sign a petition to help stop animal testing within L’oreal then click here

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