Book Review: The Girls

Hiya, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to write this review seeing as I finished ‘The Girls’ a whiiiiile ago (another long train journey…..was meant to be an hour and a half, ended up being a 5 hour journey…fantastic). Anyway, this book is really very very captivating and a thrilling read, I would highly recommend it to anyone so read on to find out more!


The book is loosely based off of events that occurred within Charles Manson’s cult (they famously killed Sharon Tate, if you’ve seen Valley of the Dolls, you’ll know who that is).  

The book is based around a young girl who accidentally gets involved with a local cult (although they are never explicitly called that). It flips between the girl present day and her looking back on her life and explaining how she got involved. The book is dark and beautiful, disturbing and intriguing all at once. However, the most terrifying thing about this book is the fact that the way it is written means that you understand and almost want to join the cult with her. It’s really quite unnerving, Cline is such a good writer that you can completely understand the appeal and the desire to be a part of the group and not once during her journey to become an established member do I remember thinking ‘No! Don’t do that’ ‘Don’t go in there’ as you would in a horror movie (it’s really quite creepy). 


One of the reasons why I love this book so much is the fact that although yes, it is creepy and disturbing, it’s written in a beautiful way. There’s a huge juxtaposition between the subject topic and the almost romantic writing which makes it a fast and thrilling read. I highly recommend this book especially as a holiday read (also it’s been following me…… no joke, I see billboards of it everywhere which I didn’t before. Genuinely it’s haunting me.) I’ll leave a link to the book below so you can all get your hands on it for the summer!



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