It takes 2 baby

Hiya! Ok so as you know by this point I am a slight psychopath when it comes to my skincare and I will try anything (if I can afford it lol #ballinonabudget). Recently (as in the last 2 months) my skin has been looking fantastic. Super clear, super glowy and I was trying to think of why this could be. The only big change that really stood out to me is the fact that I’ve been double cleansing. 


Double cleansing is super basic and to be honest I didn’t believe the hype because a) it’s so simple and b) it seemed unnecessary EVENTHOUGH IT MAKES SENSE (good one me). Double cleansing is basically when you use one cleanser usually oil based to remove your makeup and then go in after with an exfoliating ish cleanser to deep clean your face. You can just do this in the evening but I often do it in the morning too because I’ve also been sleeping in a face mask recently (yup…I deal in extremes). 



So the cleansers I have been using are this Skin Laundry oil to remove my makeup (it’s so good, I’ve got my friends HOOKED on it). You can also use rapseed oil or coconut BUT coconut can clog some peoples pores and cause breakouts so be careful. Then I use this Eve Lom cleanser to deep clean. You just rub it in your palms then massage it in and remove with hot water. It’s honestly the dream team – I’m addicted.

My friend Hannah also did a review on the infamous ‘Pixi double cleanse’ so if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative and don’t know where to start that product is 2 in 1 so definitely give that a read (click here).

Try double cleansing for the next month or so and see what happens!



  1. Immy Angel May 29, 2017 / 9:02 am

    I’ve never heard of double cleansing before I’ll be sure to try it <3

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