Can we talk about the high street?

Hey, So as I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I am participating in a month of shopping sustainably. If you want to read an update I wrote yesterday about my experience atm then click here. However, in this post I wanted to address a topic; The British high street.


For any US readers or any readers not from the UK for that matter, the dictionary definition of the high street is ‘ a metonym for the concept (and frequently the street name) of the primary business street of towns or cities, especially in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations.’. It has been the topic of countless TV shows the main one I remember being ‘Mary Porta’s secret shopper’ where Mary P spent each episode addressing a high street shops key consumer issues such as it’s fitting rooms or customer service in order to ‘bring back’ what was then a weak high street.

Today, in my opinion, high streets are thriving. They are predominantly made up of British brands which is cool such as; Topshop, Oliver Bonas, Costa, M&S, NEXT etc… all doing fairly well for themselves. The high street is also great because as Brits we’re rarely patriotic, heaven forbid you’re caught out actually belting out the national anthem before a rugby game and union jacks are generally seen as tacky unless they’re a) flying above Buckingham Palace or b) it’s a royal street party (and even then I feel like it’s still tacky….it’s just ignored for 5 hours because there’s cake and prosecco) but the high street really brings people together and it is something we Brits are generally fond…dare I say proud of. 

So you’re probably reading this thinking ‘Ok Amy what’s the problem then?’ Well, let me tell you. The problem is that the high street is not sustainable nor does it promote authentic eco-friendly product. Ok yes, Zara, M&S and H&M have all produced ‘sustainable’ ranges but I’m not sold on them yet. Predominantly, product is not produced in the UK it’s produced overseas in shady factories that we as consumers are unaware of the conditions of the workers, let alone the quality of garment being sold to you on a hanger. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this proud British establishment could actually represent something worth being proud of. I’ve really noticed that there is not that much offering when it comes to sustainable shops on your local high street (with the exception of Monsoon!). 


To be honest I want this to be a discussion with you guys. I do not have the answer to this issue and I would be interested to hear your opinions and views on this conundrum, so please comment below or comment on this post on the Facebook group (if you are not a part of the FB family then click here and hit ‘like’. 

Talk to you later babes 



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