Sustainable month: 1 Week Update

Hiya! So it’s been exactly a week since I decided to go sustainable in my spending habits. Here are a couple things I’ve done/learnt so far. 1) A super easy way to minimise waste is a little coffee cup. I bought a Starbucks portable coffee cup on my first day which is actually really cute (if you follow me on insta: @amy_coops4 then you’ll have seen it on my story) it saved me money on all my coffee’s this week, it fit in my bag and really was worth it in my opinion so I would highly recommend doing this also. Oh and you can give it to any shop, not just Starbucks to refill. 2) I have saved money. I’ve been ‘shopping’ or accidentally perusing the shops a couple times this week but due to the lack of accessible sustainable stores on the high street (more on that to come) I ended up not buying anything (a little beauty but more on that later) hence the money saving moment this week has been. 3) Sustainable beauty is BIG. Ok so here’s the fun part of this post, the cool beauty brands I have been loving. 



Ok so this product I actually ordered pre-sustainable shopper month but it is all natural/sustainable anyway so I thought I might as well add it in plus it landed on my doorstep about a day before the month began. This is the Davines LOVE shampoo which is made to help nourish dry ends and scalps. I’ve only used it twice so far, once, being this evening so not too much to say yet but on a first use basis, it smells incredible and gets the job done just as good as some fake crap you would pick up from a drugstore.

Smith’s Cult

I’ve spoken about this exact polish before so click here to read that but they are my all time faves. Smith’s Cult are a fantastic brand and the colours are to die for – so amazing for a natural brand. I actually just got a Space NK loyalty reward and I know exactly what that’s being spent on….(P.S: Does anyone know if they do birthday rewards? Because I would like to know before mine (JUNE 11TH BTW) ty xx)


Again, another brand I’ve spoken about before but Kopari really are my go-to products when I need something effective on my skin. They’re made from coconut oil and really work efficiently and effectively. This is the rose toner above but they also have cleansers and products for your body available.


So this is an all natural shower gel I’ve been using and was just a grab and go purchase at Wholefoods but it smells ‘divine’ (@louiseeconnor) and I have really been enjoying using it after a run; as it adds a little zing into my step and peps me up for the rest of my day. Also, it was cheap for any babes on a budget.


This is the one product I bought this week, I ran out of my ride or die hair oil from Bumble and bumble so I was on the search for a new natural brand that could get the job done. Enter O&M. This oil smells amazing, is all natural and sustainable. It was also cheaper than the Bumble & Bumble invisible oil! It makes my hair feel like I’ve just left the hairdresser. I also have really thick hair and only need a tiny amount of this so a little goes a long way #bang4yourbuck


Sugar are again another amazing brand, they’re lip products really are lovely and feel like a small luxury in your otherwise basic life. They do scrubs, they do balms, they do gloss – This one is my fave atm but it also has almost come to it’s end (mainly because I melted half of it by accident in my back pocket due to this freakishly hot UK weather…so chic). Go & check them out, I promise you won’t regret it.

The Ordinary

OK so I don’t know if this is a natural product but they don’t test on animals and it’s vegan so I think that’s good enough. I keep hearing people talk about ‘The Ordinary’ (mainly in the Liberty office NGL) and it made me curious. They sell it on ASOS it’s SUPER cheap (this primer was 4 pounds?!) and after using it for a couple of weeks let me tell you it WORKS…so well! Honestly this primer makes my makeup stay on all day I don’t even need touch ups and it blurs out any imperfections I wake up to which is, lets be honest, what every girl needs in a makeup product. Click here to discover more of their range.


Oh look ANOTHER product I have already spoken about (I’m so boring I know) but really I feel like I need to give PitROK a shout out because they are the only brand of natural deodorant which I have found to 100% work. So if you like me are not a fan of spraying a can of chemicals into your pores everyday but you also don’t want to walk around looking like you’ve run a half marathon before 10 am then definitely go and grab one of these – you won’t regret it.


Some other natural beauty brands I will be reviewing in future:

Juice Beauty

Tata Harper

Drunk Elephant 

I hope you enjoyed this quick little update and if you know any other cool sustainable beauty brands then let me know in the comments! 


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