A month of sustainable shopping

Hiya, I’m super excited today because I am about to endeavour in a bit of an interesting 4 weeks of my life. I’m sure you’ve heard me whine a ton by now about wanting to be more sustainable so I decided to finally do something about it. So, for the next month I am going to be committed to only purchasing eco-friendly, sustainable product. I don’t mean that this month is one huge shopping spree for the sake of buying sustainable product. No, what I mean by that is that if I do want to buy say a top, I will not be purchasing it from fast fashion brands but try and find sustainable companies produce quality fashion. I want to see what awesome companies I can find! But as well as this, sustainability is also about using what you got so recycling will be a big element to this month! 


This experiment is not just about fashion however, it’s beauty, lifestyle, food products …literally anything. To kick off this month I’ve been doing a load of research into the world of sustainable fashion and eco-friendly brands. Here are some things I’ve learnt:

  • Did you know theres a 6:1 plastic to plankton ratio in the sea??? This is due to items like straws which BTW do not decompose so literally every straw that’s ever been produced is in the ocean….mind.blown.
  • There are two types of textile waste: pre and post consumer. Pre -consumer waste is when products are produced in an un-eco friendly way i.e; patterns are cut which waste metres of fabric which is then thrown away. Post- consumer waste is when clothes are chucked away or dumped in other countries after you’ve given them to certain charity shops. There are some amazing brands which use the ‘deadstock’ and textile waste to produce gorgeous clothing such as Christy Dawn. Check out their stuff it’s absolutely beautiful. 
  • One of the biggest non-eco friendly mainstream products is laundry detergent. They’re filled with chemicals that can not only harm you but are impacting the earth. If you want to read more click here. This goes for most household cleaning supplies to so if you buy your own cleaning supplies considering switching once you’ve used up your current products (don’t be wasteful!!). Some great brands who produce sustainable cleaning supplies are; Method & Ecover.
  • Currently, a lot of brands are ‘greenwashing’ which is when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” via advertising and marketing than actually implementing business plans which minimize environmental impact. 


These are just some of the many facts I’ve been made aware of through researching in depth. Some sources which I found really useful are; ‘The Conscious Chatter podcast’, The Responsible Company (a book written by the founders of Patagonia), The Eco-age website  (Livia Firths main platform….if you don’t know Livia, look her up she’s a total babe).


I’m really excited to begin this next 4 weeks so lets get to it! I’ll keep you all updated over the next month and we’ll see what happens! I’m also going to dedicate several post’s to eco-friendly brands, interviews and product reviews as well as events etc… it’s gonna be a well rounded experience. 

Let’s go!


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    You’re on it with nobody’s child .com yeah?

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