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Hiya! So I don’t know about you but the older I get the more I have become (mildly) obsessed with sort of curating products that are in my life. I think it’s just the development of figuring out your own personal style. So I thought why not share some things which I’ve been using a lot why I like them etc…

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Ok so first things first, this top, it’s a crop top from Zara. Whilst I’ve mentioned Zara I feel like I need to use this moment to discuss my internal battle with Zara and some high street stores. I have 2 main problems with Zara 1) is a fashion issue and 2) is a sustainability issue. The first issue is the fact that Zara unapologetically rip off designers. They’re entire brand is built around stealing others designs and doing them at a far lower price point. This is such a huge issue because it devalues designers who spend their entire lives creating for a living only to be ripped off. It’s not always bad, Zara have opened the doors for people to branch out in their style and their products are usually ‘on trend’ making it easier for everyday people to be involved in the fashion industry. However, this brings me on to issue 2 which is the sustainability of fast fashion. The culture of buying and throwing away clothes after clothes or not really thinking about what you’re buying is a huge issue because it causes workers to be paid less for churning out more. More clothing waste being dumped in 3rd world countries and so much more. If you wish to read more then click here. If I was not a student then personally I would definitely choose to start stopping from shopping in any fast fashion like stores, but as a fashion student I love fashion and style and I also have no money so that’s not really an option right now but I have definitely started shopping less at these types of stores and investing more in pieces I really like from sustainable companies. So yes I love this Zara top and I’m including it in this post but please be aware of what’s going on behind your clothes.


Whilst on the topic of sustainability, this is a vegan and natural nail polish by the brand Smith & Cult. I have wanted a polish from this company for a long time because not only do I love the cruelty free-ness of them but a nail salon in Florida I frequent (lol.) uses these polishes and I love the actual formula, yes they’re expensive for nail polish but in my opinion it’s worth it. They don’t chip, they’re beautiful colours and they’re super glossy. So I bit-the-bullet and purchased the shade ‘Regret the moon’. 

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Ok so Benefit launched this blush and it’s so dreamy. I’m not really into blush, I have mild rosacea so I’m naturally red (?!) but this blush is gorgeous, it’s a mix of coral and gold as well as being subtly shimmery. I use this as an eyeshadow as well and it just adds a lovely glow to my face and doesn’t highlight by redness.


This is just the lipgloss I’ve been loving which I recently purchased. This is technically a lip plumper but I wear it for the gloss it’s like wearing a mirror on your lips if that makes sense. Plus I really like the little sting you get form plumping lip glosses….just me?!

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This is my book & notebook I have been carrying around all the time. The Girls is a cult classic (AHAHAHAHAHA it’s about a cult.) which I was unsure about but when my angel @catcoum and we saw it was buy one get on free in Waterstones we decided to read it together so that’s what we are doing! So far it’s very interesting. The notebook is my everyday random to-do lists etc and it is beautiful from Christian Lacroix!


As I’ve mentioned before, I am aways on the hunt for a good natural deodorant and this is the best so far. It’s by the brand PitRok and you apply it after you shower when you’re underarms are wet. It works a treat and I find that I don’t need to reapply it throughout the day which is amazing.

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These are the 4 items I have been wearing all the time, they’re sort of a part of me now haha. The rings are from Monica Vinader and they’re rose gold with a moonstone gem and a small diamond. The gold ring is Tiffany&Co and has featured in a lot of posts and the earring is Maria Black.

What are some of your most recent lovely things?



  1. Noha ♡ May 11, 2017 / 7:26 am

    Aaaah couldn’t agree more, dreamy is the best way to describe the Galifornia blush haha. I’m not super into blushes either but I neeed this in my collection. Loved reading this xoxo

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