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Hiya, So as you may or may not have noticed I’m BIG into skincare. Honestly I will drop $$$ on a good piece of skincare. The right skincare can give you a good base in which to apply makeup or just go out with a naked face because guess what? Your skin is glowy and gorgeous. In this post I thought I would do a little update on my go-to products recently. Oh and btw the reason behind the cover image? WATER is the key to perfect skin….trust me. Stay hydrated chicks…

Skin Laundry cleanser & moisturiser



I’ve already done a full review (& rave) on these products and Skin Laundry as a whole so if you want to read that click here. However, I will just add that since writing that, I have had the Skin Laundry facial and it was crazy and also really effective. It’s a laser facial so they use a laser on your skin but dw it’s nothing dodgy (although it does smell a little odd at first…). It penetrates 2mm beneath the surface I believe so as to get rid of any gunk buried deep in your pores. It doesn’t hurt just tingles a little. The machine gets rid of congestion and spots. Then theres a light treatment which just looks like someones taking a bunch of flash photographs of you and then theres a cooling gel applied to your face. Afterwards, my skin was clear and glowy, it also felt amazing and all the little bumps under my skin I had have gone! Definitely worth it seeing as you can get one session for free at Liberty’s!

Eve Lom cleanser & mask



These are my latest additions to my skincare. I’ve wanted to test out Eve Lom for a while, I have always heard stella reviews about it and I know it’s often used by professional skincare specialists. I actually went to the counter with the intent to buy the rescue mask but ended up buying the cleanser after speaking to the rep (she threw in a travel size of the mask anyway…BABE). If you haven’t heard of double cleansing it’s the newest thing in skincare and it is super simple lol. I know it sounds like effort to wash your face twice but it really does make all the difference. It ensures you get a deeper clean as you remove your makeup first and then are able to deep clean. My friend Hannah who also has a blog (go follow Hauteonmyheels) has started double cleansing too with the Pixi double cleanser and has noticed a difference too, it clearly works a treat! I remove my makeup with the Skin Laundry oil and then properly cleanse with the Eve Lom. When you initially apply it, it feels like an exfoliating balm but the more you massage it into your skin, it dissolves into an oil consistency. Once you’re bored basically, use a muslin cloth in circles to remove and voila! I promise on the first use your skin will look wonderful. I’ve only used the mask once so a full review of this will be to come soon….

Kopari Toner


Again, I’ve already done a review of this product in my last favourites, so if you want to read click here but I will tell you it’s made from rose water so it’s really soothing and it smells divine. Also it’s all natural and vegan.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser


Now I know this isn’t technically skincare but I absolutely love this tinted moisturiser. It gives me just enough coverage to cover up any imperfections but looks like I have no makeup on and this is one of the only foundation-like-products that feels as if it is improving my skin and not wrecking it. I highly recommend for the whole good skin thing.

I hope this gave you some helpful recommendations! Remember to click on the product titles for links & have a lovely bank holiday weekend!



  1. Noha ♡ April 30, 2017 / 9:14 am

    Absolutely loved reading this honestly, they’re all products I’ve been so curious about so I love hearing your thoughts! I’ve been tempted to pick up some Skin Laundry products after your review, and now I kind of want to try out that Kopari toner. Love this x

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