Why natural beauty is better

Hi Hi Hi, Today’s post is something I think is so important and something I really believe in. I try to discuss it a fair bit on this blog but it’s the idea that natural beauty is better. By natural beauty I’m not talking about natural products, I’m talking about being and looking natural. 

BUT FIRST…. A DISCLAIMER. This post is by no means telling anyone that being natural is a MUST and that you’re only ‘pretty’ or whatever other label you want to throw in there if you are natural. Do what makes you feel beautiful. That’s so important. Wear whatever makes you feel your most beautiful and if thats the total opposite of what I’m about to describe then go for it! I created this blog to express my thoughts and things I personally love and enjoy doing so this is purely my opinion. Everyone should feel beautiful. 

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Now, onto the actual post. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup and skincare etc and really looking into some of the philosophies that companies are putting out there about their product. As a marketing student we hear a lot about how brands need a good mission and vision statement in place in order to sell their brands idea. Basically it’s all a trick to get consumers to buy into specific brands. But wait a minute….this can all get very gloomy but if you think about it, if theres something you want to buy (we’re discussing beauty so lets use a makeup example) like foundation, you have 1000 of choices. So how do you decide? You may look at the price, reviews, colour range etc but what I have been trying to do is really back brands I personally love and agree with their vision and what they ‘preach’. It is not hard, it’s 2017, you merely have to find a brands Instagram which is essentially a visual representation of them and see what they’re posting, what they’re saying. Do you like what they’re advertising? Do you agree? Your money is your vote. Use it wisely and bolster brands who you believe in. 

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Ok so you’re now probably wondering if I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent and yes I have but the point is I have been looking into brands I use or brands whose products a respect and have been seeing what they’re really all about. Take Skin Laundry, who I did a post on yesterday, I love their philosophy that you should take care of your skin before putting anything onto it. They’re about natural clean looking girls and I’m all about it. This is what I mean by natural beauty. Taking care of yourself first before chucking on a load of makeup hoping it solves the problem. Look after your skin. What are you using? Do you clean all your makeup off everyday? Do you have a morning and night routine? What are you eating, what are you drinking? Look after your nails. What vitamins are you taking? What products are you using on your nails? How long have you had those gels/acryclics on? Do you give yourself manicures/pedicures? Look after your hair. Are you bleaching it year after year, applying a constant stream of chemicals onto it? Using heat more often than not? Why not try loving your natural hair texture and colour of finding a natural hair salon to dye your hair like Aveda? Are you looking after your eyelashes? Your eyebrows? You get the idea. Take care of yourself first and you’ll find that you start to love your natural appearance more and more. Go a day a week without makeup. It doesn’t make you lazy or ugly. You’re giving your skin a break and it will thank you. You’re getting used to loving your face the way it is naked. 


These are simple things but they can make a world of a difference. I mean don’t you think when you’re going through social media that if you see a selfie of someone with a caked face of makeup on with 9inch nails vs the fresh and clean girl out the ocean with no makeup on, you wish you could be her more? I know I do. I know I would rather be the latter than the first and personally I’ve found that taking care of the ‘base’ that is my face etc has really made a big difference and in the end, even when I wear makeup I don’t need to wear much to feel comfortable. I love my freckles and the random marks on my face, I would rather accentuate the parts of my face I love than hide under a layer of makeup. 

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Anyway that’s it from me, I hope this made sense and you consider the natural beauty way….lol. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine if you’re in the UK!




  1. Immy Angel May 28, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    such a lovely post and so true! <3

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