Book review: You too can have a body like mine

Hiya! Another book review today, I finished this one up on…yet ANOTHER train journey woo! “You too can have a body like mine” actually isn’t a health and fitness book as you might suspect but it’s actually a coming-of-age type novel by Alexandra Kleeman. The book has a sort of a dystopia theme threaded throughout where the  book appears to be written in today’s world but the events which occur would not happen. 


The novel is kind of trippy and I didn’t really like or dislike it per say. It’s really confusing haha! What it does succeed to do is make you think and question your life and thoughts which is always a winner in my eyes! 


If you’re wondering why TF (excuse my french 😇) is it named “You too can have a body like mine” then lemme tell you. One of the key themes in the book is not necessarily a food vs girl type situation but more that makes you unique. You don’t entirely see it until the end but a lot of the book is a girl grappling with her own identity physically and mentally in a very honest and real way which many women and readers will have experienced before.

Overall, this book is a really interesting read….a bit strange but a good read. I would recommend this especially to women 18-30 as I think primarily it’s aimed at that age group…and remember to THINK!


Next up: The Red Queen


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