My beauty wishlist

Hiya! Today’s post is going to be all about what’s on my beauty product wish list. If you haven’t noticed already I like the au natural look & I recently discovered some new products to help make all my glowy dreams come true (Also…some of them were used on the Gilmore Girls…..yeah…..)

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 13.09.29.png


I saw this in Milan and although I’ve always heard amazing reviews – when I actually tried it in Sephora I fell in love. (Also it’s Rory’s foundation everyone)

Highlight palette 

I adore the Anastacia brand, their products are so effective and they have a great pigment. I also really love the colours that the brand use they’re so soft and lovely. 


This is actually a MAC eyeshadow but apparently it’s a great eyeliner (Lorelai tip…literally the only reason why I trust this is brilliant)


This Bobbi Brown blush palette really compliments the Anastacia glow kit and I think they’d make a great set with lots of different shades to pick from!


Again, I’ve heard rave reviews about these false eyelashes and as a falsies rookie (I applied them successfully once for no occasion, typical.) I figure these are a great place to start! Will be trying soon, as soon as I can find someone to teach me

Lip topper (?)

I saw this on the cult beauty (big fan) instagram account and it looked AMAZING. I don’t really understand it (me with literally everything to do with makeup) but its so pretty


This lipstick is the same brand as the topper so I assume you can’t have one without the other (marketing student falling for marketing….classic). Also the colour again….gorgeous

If you have money to spend….drop it now 



  1. MascaraAndMoshPits February 12, 2017 / 5:08 pm

    Loved this post! Also Gilmore Girls is the best. I need that foundation now lol!

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