Reading list: We were Liars

Hiya! Today’s post is the start of a new series called “Reading list” and yes it is exactly the same as summer reads but it isn’t summer so that seemed inappropriate. I’m going to start doing these again as it motivates me to actually read the books I wish to.

So this weekend I had a trip to York to see my little angel Ellie at uni! York is fairly close but I had an hour or so to kill travelling there and back so I decided what better time to read?!


The book is called ‘we were liars’ by E (short for Emily). Lockhart, it centres around the Sinclair family described as beautiful and mysterious throughout the whole novel and is narrated by one of the Sinclair granddaughters. I can’t help but think that this book was either based upon or inspired by King Lear because after studying the play at A level and therefore being very familiar with it and it’s themes there are ALOT of similarities. The key one being that throughout the book there is a constant inheritance battle which involves the 3 daughters fighting for the grandfathers (their dads) love and consequently his estate.


However, the reason why this book is such a page turner is that you do not know what is real and what is not throughout the story as the narrator has had an ‘accident’ and therefore suffers from amnesia. There are liars and twists and confusions continuously throughout the book and it really is fantastic! Also the bulk of the story takes place during summer on an island off of Martha’s Vineyard so it has that sort of vibe the whole way though which I personally love and can easily get lost/wrapped up in. 


This book made me think as well as entertained me and I would highly recommend for anyone else with a long journey ahead. 

Next on the list: ‘Yes, you too can have a body like mine’ by Alexandra Kleeman


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