How to make the most of every opportunity

Hiya, So recently I’ve been thinking…so many times people pass on invites, ideas, places to go, meet ups etc for *in my opinion* not excusable reasons. Now don’t get me wrong, I have passed up previously mentioned opportunities for silly reasons like “I’m too tired” “I can’t me bothered”, “I’ve got something in the morning” “I’m poor” “I’m feeling a bit under the weather” “I don’t know anyone well enough”, but these shouldn’t stop you and I’m gonna tell you why and how to deal with them.

The whole I can’t be bothered excuse…no. Just no. A lot of the time this excuse is used to pass up an opportunity to do with something you’re comfortable with, a friend, a night out, a uni/school/work event. But if you continuously can’t be bothered, those relationships are going to fall apart, you may miss out on some of the greatest nights of your life and others on your course or in your job may get ahead all because you couldn’t leave the house and get your ass to *insert event*. Now that you’ve read that…do you really think it’s worth it…..?

Ok so you’re broke. So? There are so many ways to participate without spending money. And even if you’re predicting a night may cost something via a cab ride, a drink etc….well how about that coffee you plan on getting tomorrow morning? Have your coffee in a flask from home and spend the money on that cab ride. It’s all about prioritising. If you can’t even afford that, ask your friends if you could all do something fun and free (in fact some club entry is free before midnight so get in at 11.55 (cheat it lol) ) or go to a gallery, go to a bar with free drinks or host your own!! Being broke doesn’t equal saying no.

If you don’t know anyone where you’re going. Get to know them, people meet at events so pretend to ooze confidence and meet as many new people as possible! You never know you may meet someone you love…take a risk…don’t be dumb…there will be at least 1 person who is in the same boat as you so put on your big girl pants and march yourself out the door (or your bed).

Opportunities are such a blessing, they give you a life! They make your life full with fun, love, adventure, laughs, and a some glasses of wine. So go out and live that life because your bed isn’t gonna live it for you. Talk to ya laterz


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