How I fixed my skin

Hiya! So most people particularly teenage-twenty-something year olds have if not bad skin then skin that is prone to flareups (or you’re perfect….lucky you). Recently, since last September actually, my skin has been so bad and I used to have the easiest-hardly-ever-broke-out-skin. Looking back on this, my skin drama actually made me so down and depressed for the whole of first year of uni because it is hard when you’re having to adjust to university whilst dealing with a massive change in your face and it does knock your confidence. This post is going to be about the little things I’ve done in the past couple of months that really seem to have worked BUT I do want to discuss ‘the pill’ (dun dun daaaaaa) for a sec. I genuinely believe that it was ‘the pill’ which initially ruined my skin BUT it also had a big part in healing it. I was on the pill from the start of uni for medical reasons b1ec2468c9075639c17a0f1659cdb7fb.png and I think the influx in hormones along with the stress of joining uni (also drinking everyday because freshers) set my skin off. I came off that pill in December 2015 and haven’t used ‘the pill’ again until now. After having some blood work during summer, it was revealed that I had a huge misbalance in hormones and thus was put on ‘the pill’ again. My skin has not broken out and has in fact improved because I can only assume that ‘the pill’ is levelling all that shiz out and calming my skin down. SO long story short (even though I already shared the long story oops….) make sure you get the correct hormones and dosages for your body because it’s that element of ‘the pill’ which can lead to breakouts, weight gain etc….

Now apart from the pill, there are some specific things I have been doing recently which have really made a difference I think;



Biotin is wonderful, people have been taking it for years! It helps you grow thick healthy hair & nails, as well as providing key B vitamins that help with your metabolism, your heart and your digestive system! However, most importantly (in this post anyway) they help with your skin and keeping it clear as well as plump (#nowrinkleshere) I use the nutravita tablets with coconut oil (a winning skin combo) which you can get off of amazon but there are many different ones out there.

Mario Badescu drying lotion 


This stuff is AMAZING, you literally apply it to any blemish, mark or anything, go to sleep and the next morning voila! It gets rid of any blemishes, makes spots rise to a head (so you can get rid of it) and speeds up the recovery process. I would highly highly recommend this product for any skin issues. 




I know this is something EVERYONE has been told but exercise really does help your skin. One really good thing about this year is that besides doing yoga and going to the gym most days, I live further out from town so most days I end up easily walking 10k, often more. That combined with a swear session (sexy) I think has really helped my skin!



A key pillar of what I try and eat is eating your water. If that sounds weird then lemme tell you that there are high levels of water in MANY foods! Mixed greens or any greens (kale, spinach, rocket etc…), cantaloupe, courgette, peppers, pears, carrots, apples & broccoli are just some and if you get some of these in every meal you’ll keep your body extra hydrated on top of drinking about 2 litres a day! The more water you drink, the more crap that gets flushed out and doesn’t build up in your skin! Science…amiright. Another source of hydration through my skin is via the Clinic dramatically different gel which hydrates my skin without making it feel greasy or yucky. 


Eating healthy fats


Another element of nutrition that helped me was eating lots of healthy fasts! My favourites atm are; pumpkin seeds, tahini and AVOCADOOOOO. They help clear up your skin and keep the texture(?!) lovely and smooth so get eating!!!!


Micellar water


The cheapest thing (besides diet and exercise) that has helped my skin is micellar water. So simple but so effective, I use the Garnier one morning and night, if I feel like I need more then I do the Clinique 3 step skin care but if not I just whip on some moisturiser and leave. It’s really worked AND my babe Lou has also noticed this so you know its legit.


I hope some of these tips n tricks will be a help to anyone out there suffering with similar problems!!!

Much love babes <3 


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  1. Bniconann October 24, 2016 / 5:55 pm

    I love this post and all of your pictures ❤️ thanks for sharing

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