Starry eyed

Hiya, I’ve always been into magical things, as a kid I would always have much rather been a fairy than a princess (s/o to tinkerbell) I just feel a larger connection to them (I am not crazy I swear!) anyway I’ve been really into this whole galaxy type trend happening but recently it’s just gotten so much more dramatic. I think it’s because for so many years I knew I was a sun person…summer is my time it really affects me when the sun isn’t shining. But this also means that I often overlooked the moon! Luckily this new milky-way-esque trend has given me a newfound appreciation for the moon n stars and everything in between – I’m really loving it so here’s my vibe:

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 22.46.31.png


For the best starry accessories go to: Anthro, Zara as well as Anna & Nina and ASOS

dream on babes



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