Weeks worth of fashion

Hiya! You may remember a while ago I did a post just like this one and I totally forgot about it! But since it’s Sunday I thought why not do it again?! Each outfit fits with the coordinating day and will hopeful give you some inspiration for your weeks ensembles haha..enjoy! (all images from pinterest)


Monday’s require two things; coffee & simplicity. This outfit achieves one of those things and a trip to Costa achieves the other. Throw on your favourite pair of jeans with a loose shirt and classic boots. The outfit is finished off by a leather vest and a bag large enough for uni/work et voila! Monday ready.



Double denim always looks effortlessly cool, add a thick jumper for the chilly months we’re entering and add some awesome shoes (maybe not these Stella McCartney platforms as they’re £625 but y’know *cries*) 



Humpday! You’ve made it to the midpoint of a working week…you need a boost (have you read my midweek motivation yet?! emoji_sexface.png) feel pretty and feminine in the slip-dress-over-a-top-trend but choose a long sleeved top to bring this look into autumn. Pair with trainers for an element of comfort and your favourite jewellery to feel 100% on the hump of the week!!!



I said this in my last post I did like this but I have a weird thing against Thursdays, it’s nothing personal towards the old Thursday but I just don’t like them?! Therefore for me, comfort is key on a Thursday and what screams comfort better than an adult onesie?! Pair with a leather jacket to edge it up a bit et voila…




FRIDAY TRY DAY AYOOOOO (sorry) be a total fashionista and put all the effort in today especially!! Cool trousers paired with gorgeous layering and killer ankle boots is the perfect outfit combo for a warm but wonderful look. Groove on babyclarks-elipsa-dee1.jpg


Woohoo we’ve reached le weekend & what says weekend better than brunch… #amiright. Chuck a leather jacket over a simple autumnal palette outfit and you’ve got yourself an A* brunch look.Photo-Oct-21-5-26-22-PM.jpg


Even if you don’t go to church, sit down for a roast or chill with your family, i feel like everyone still has a traditional mindset on  a Sunday, it’s a time for rest and relaxation for most and as it gets colder, these ideals just get stronger! This outfit of dungarees with a thick jumper is cute and cosy, perfect for whatever your Sunday holds!


Have a fabulous week babes





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