What's in my bathroom?

Hiya! Today’s post is beauty related and slightly random but you guys seemed to appreciate my ‘what’s in my uni pantry’ post so much that I thought I would give a little insight into another room in my…room…?! This room is (how exciting we need a drumroll….pretend you haven’t seen in the title….humour me….) my bathroom! 6x4kqf.jpg I have a wet room at uni which tbh I don’t mind, the shower bit is kind of indented (as in the floor) so the water doesn’t flow out and it seems to evaporate SUPER quickly (thought I’d share this incase anyone is going to uni and this is a concern…I feel ya). We were also given a shower curtain which I think is cute and separates off that area of the bathroom making it slightly less weird(?!) – highly recommend grabbing a curtain if you do not have one and have a wet room! Anyway, enough with the rambles, here is what is in my bathroom…..

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 17.26.59.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 09.22.28.png

(If you can guess who’s bathroom is featured in the header image then we should be BFF’s….the phone is a clue!)


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