Summer reads: Lunch in Paris

Hiya! Ok so today’s book is a little different it’s kind of cookbook/novel written by Elizabeth Bard. If you’re at all into cooking, Paris or romance keep reading…


What’s it about?

Lunch in Paris is a memoir of the author and her love story in Paris to, her now husband, Gwendal. As the quote at the top of the cover says “It’s eat, stay, love with a side of spiced apricot….Lunch in Paris has got it all”. It definitely does have ‘Eat,pray, love’ vibes about it in terms of finding yourself and love etc…but in my opinion, it’s wittier and the story is better (but that might be because I have a secret crush on Paris myself). The book also addresses merging cultures as the heroin is American but Gwendal is French. Which is actually really interesting to read about. Oh and did I mention that after each chapter there are recipes that are discussed or related to the topic of the previous chapter.


What did I think?

This book, in a word, is ‘charming’. It’s witty, down-to-earth and quite romantic. (BUT NOT CRINGY AT ALL…can’t do cringe) Also some of the recipes are amazing! I’m so down to try some of them (hmmm maybe I’ll do that later…anyway) I read this on the plane home because after reading ‘Laura Lamont’s life in pictures’ because I wanted a light read after the slightly heavier novel that that was, such a great choice as I sped through it and before I knew it, I was in London! (JK I fell asleep also). A really great casual read that’ll win you over.




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