Why drink water?

Hiya, I love water. I love swimming in it, I love adding sparkly pink bath bombs to it and another thing…I love drinking it & I am here to tell you why!


Benefits of water

Speeds up your metabolism

Makes your eyes glisten (TRUTH)

Contains calcium

Removes toxins

Clears your skin (also TRUTH…not that the others aren’t but this is so obvious)

Helps with joint pain and aches

Assits digestion (drink a glass before and after every meal to rev this up)


Water is the best. 

How much do you need to drink?


You’re welcome.

How do I drink more?

Download an app like ‘waterlogged’ which helps you keep track of your hydration levels

Add lemon or fruit to your water to make it tastier (I like sparkling with lemon & lime)

Eat your water! Fruits & veggies have a high water content so pack them in to reap the benefits!

Drinking water is an easy way to get healthy & glow like a goddess so do it babes!!



  1. anspiring September 3, 2016 / 12:45 pm

    Hahah drinking water was my very first blog post! It’s probably the cheapest beauty treatment you can find 😉 xx

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