Brand spotlight: H&M home

Hiya! Another brand spotlight…whatever…Ok so one thing you may not know about me is that I’m OBSESSED with interior design. Seriously. When I was younger NO JOKE I went round to my friends houses and tidied/organised their rooms seriously (their mums love me 😇 #shoutout2janetandsian) I think if I don’t go into fashion right away I’ll go into interior design.
However because I love it so much I’m very picky about what’s in my room etc… Right now is a struggle because I’m obviously at uni so my room at home doesn’t feel permanent which I really hate and then obviously my room at uni is only for a year so it’s just annoying. Recently, I’ve been keeping an eye out for pieces I can use in my room at home but could potentially transition to my room at uni or wherever I live post uni (terrifying)!!

Earlier today I was browsing around looking for possible birthday presents for my brother when I stumbled into H&M home. Now, I will admit at first I was sceptical, I don’t like things looking cheap or like they’ve come out a catalogue just for shabby chic (😷) but after wondering around for about 15 minutes I began to find some really lovely pieces and all SO affordable! Here’s what I got:


How cute is this plate!! Can’t go wrong with a subtle nod to cheetah print & the gold rim just adds such a gorgeous feel to the whole thing.


This little box I saw and thought would be perfect for jewellery! The bottom is mirrored too which makes it look way more expensive. They have a smaller one for a bit cheaper but there’s no lid and no mirrored base which I think are the reasons this looks so chic (just my opinion) but that is an option.


Then I got these pineapple napkins because fun!!


The final thing I bought is this candle. Ah candles. You have to be SO careful when choosing candles for a space because firstly check they actually smell good BUT also the packaging needs to fit. If you’re room is all taupe and black then you add a neon pink bath and body works candle that smells like ‘jungle fever’ you’ve ruined it. I used to go overboard on the smelly candles and it just wasn’t nice at all. Now I have 1 simple candle from Anthropologie (BEST AFFORDABLE CANDLES) which smells like coconut water (very subtle very clean). This candle firstly looks like it could be from The White Company or somewhere, has gold writing which fits with my room and smells crisp and natural. They also had a black one which looked so chic. Really was impressed by this.

That’s everything I got! Definitely go and check out H&M home if you get the chance.


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