Summer reads: American babe

Hiya! So if you’re familiar with this twitter account…or this instagram account then you may be aware that the girl behind said accounts ‘Babe Walker’ (unfortunately she is also fictional) has 3 books, the first being ‘White girl problems’ (read it, its hilarious). Well the latest book ‘American babe’ came out on June 28th and I knew I had to read it. Here’s the review:


What’s it about?

Babe herself is like the deep down pyscho (also the name of the second book) that a lot of girls have (don’t deny it) but taken to the extreme. She’s funny and nuts and in my opinion, totally lovable. Like the cover says “You’ll love to hate Babe Walker, you’ll also hate to love her”. Each book by Babe usually is a series of stories or anecdotes told via Babe (duh.). However, this book is one big story on Babe finding her cousin/baby brother/protege/masterchef junior champion(yeah..I know.) and dealing with her nutcase of a mother (she didn’t know she existed until the first book where she met her mums wife in a rehabilitation facility….fun!) It’s witty, fast paced and shows a different more, dare I say, down-to-earth side of Babe. 

What did I think?

I mean if you’re anything like me, it is impossible to not like these books. They’re girly and lighthearted (plus Babes outfits are always fabulous 93f6d9f5390265431c07ae22b84c3913.jpg). If you’re looking for a witty crazy escape, this is it. The PERFECT pool or bath read in my opinion & super quick to read. (The other 2 books: White girl problems and Pyschos are also equally amazing).


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.47.06.png


Next up: The good girls

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