Summer reads: The woman who stole my life

Hiya! I feel like this book became a kind of semi cult favourite when it was released. I heard so much about it last year that I actually downloaded it onto my kindle, but then I just never read it (#moneywellspent) I also thought it was about identity theft (like that episode of friends where Monica meets that woman pretending to be her and then befriends her…that kind of vibe). Anyway I finished the last book (click here for a review)and was wondering what I should read next when I remembered I had this book on my phone (also that it was fairly long so it could last me a while…..I read it in 3 days so I was wrong about that too).


What is the book about?

 The book centres around Stella, a woman who’s current life is a mess but previously has had huge success (so it seems) and a stable family life (husband & 2 kids…all of which are huge characters in the story). The entire book is essentially a mix of Stella’s life leading up to the first chapter, if that makes sense, with random exerts of current day Stella’s situation (does this make any sense??) I will say that a good chunk (if not half) of the book takes place in a hospital and I found some of it fairly difficult to read, not because of gruesomeness or anything like that but idk if other people get this but if a feeling is described really intensely, I feel it too (in terms of muscle spasms etc…) so it was a struggle but I got through it so it’s alllllll good. Stella is also Irish. I feel like I should note that down. 

What did I think?

This book was s0 fun to read, it took me a few chapters to fully get into it but once I was I finished it off quickly with no trouble! the book is funny and poignant at the same time and kind of makes you question things like success vs family and stuff like that. I really really enjoyed this novel and if you’re looking for a mix of lighthearted humour/sarcasm and quite a serious plot line, then this is for you! 



Next up: ‘American babe’

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