Christmas is coming…..

Hello, hello, hello, how are you today? good? fabulous! Ok so today is the 12th…oh wait it just turned midnight….13th of November (friday the 13th OOOOOOOOO lol shut up) and did you know that it is 6 mondays until christmas…..6….SIX!!! Henceforth, I would recommend that you’d better watch out…’d better DEFINITELY NOT cry….do not pout…..& let me tell you why……because I have lots of festive posts planned and I’d greatly appreciate someone besides my mum (hi mama :* :*) to read them plus SANTA’S COMING AHHHH tumblr_lddtnwaket1qzzh6g

So to kick off this festive fun I thought I’d do a basic (in more ways than one) christmas inspirational post to get some spirit in ya. I’ve also linked my christmas playlist just incase your feelin it (as I was on the tube at 10pm about a month ago)….merry christmas.

13Holiday-Inspiration-12.11.14 serendipity tumblr_meb69dBuha1rpe0jco1_500 skate

‘The best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear…’

all pictures from pinterest

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