Book review: You too can have a body like mine

Hiya! Another book review today, I finished this one up on…yet ANOTHER train journey woo! “You too can have a body like mine” actually isn’t a health and fitness book as you might suspect but it’s actually a coming-of-age type novel by Alexandra Kleeman. The book has a sort of a dystopia theme threaded throughout where the  book appears to be written in today’s world but the events which occur would not happen. 


The novel is kind of trippy and I didn’t really like or dislike it per say. It’s really confusing haha! What it does succeed to do is make you think and question your life and thoughts which is always a winner in my eyes! 


If you’re wondering why TF (excuse my french 😇) is it named “You too can have a body like mine” then lemme tell you. One of the key themes in the book is not necessarily a food vs girl type situation but more that makes you unique. You don’t entirely see it until the end but a lot of the book is a girl grappling with her own identity physically and mentally in a very honest and real way which many women and readers will have experienced before.

Overall, this book is a really interesting read….a bit strange but a good read. I would recommend this especially to women 18-30 as I think primarily it’s aimed at that age group…and remember to THINK!


Next up: The Red Queen


Girls in gingham

It has just been fashion week incase you didn’t know and one of the biggest things to ‘walk the runway’ was gingham. Now at first I really disliked this – too little house on the prairie for me. But the more I looked at various pieces the more I started to love it! I think the key is is to add the pattern to modern silhouettes to edge it up a bit – ya feel?! Here are some of my favourite inspo photos and some links to some other pieces you can pick up on the high street!





Frilled Top

Checked set


Off shoulder top

Fitted dress

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 21.12.16.png



Midweek motivation

Hiya! Such a busy busy week this week. Hopefully this post will give you some calming vibes if your week has been hectic too. I have also been super into cooking the past couple of days so I thought why not add some foodie pics into this post! Enjoy (apologies if it makes you hungry but it’s dinner  anyway!)












My beauty wishlist

Hiya! Today’s post is going to be all about what’s on my beauty product wish list. If you haven’t noticed already I like the au natural look & I recently discovered some new products to help make all my glowy dreams come true (Also…some of them were used on the Gilmore Girls…..yeah…..)

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 13.09.29.png


I saw this in Milan and although I’ve always heard amazing reviews – when I actually tried it in Sephora I fell in love. (Also it’s Rory’s foundation everyone)

Highlight palette 

I adore the Anastacia brand, their products are so effective and they have a great pigment. I also really love the colours that the brand use they’re so soft and lovely. 


This is actually a MAC eyeshadow but apparently it’s a great eyeliner (Lorelai tip…literally the only reason why I trust this is brilliant)


This Bobbi Brown blush palette really compliments the Anastacia glow kit and I think they’d make a great set with lots of different shades to pick from!


Again, I’ve heard rave reviews about these false eyelashes and as a falsies rookie (I applied them successfully once for no occasion, typical.) I figure these are a great place to start! Will be trying soon, as soon as I can find someone to teach me

Lip topper (?)

I saw this on the cult beauty (big fan) instagram account and it looked AMAZING. I don’t really understand it (me with literally everything to do with makeup) but its so pretty


This lipstick is the same brand as the topper so I assume you can’t have one without the other (marketing student falling for marketing….classic). Also the colour again….gorgeous

If you have money to spend….drop it now 


Dior’s new look

Hiya! Today’s post is all about Dior and a couple pieces from their current collection which is absolutely gorgeous might I say. You’ve probably seen pieces on the likes of Bella Hadid (she’s a tad obsessed too) along with other red carpet walkers. Read on for more info and I hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.39.08.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.38.47.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.38.57.png

J’adore Dior

kiss kiss