A month of sustainable shopping

Hiya, I’m super excited today because I am about to endeavour in a bit of an interesting 4 weeks of my life. I’m sure you’ve heard me whine a ton by now about wanting to be more sustainable so I decided to finally do something about it. So, for the next month I am going to be committed to only purchasing eco-friendly, sustainable product. I don’t mean that this month is one huge shopping spree for the sake of buying sustainable product. No, what I mean by that is that if I do want to buy say a top, I will not be purchasing it from fast fashion brands but try and find sustainable companies produce quality fashion. I want to see what awesome companies I can find! But as well as this, sustainability is also about using what you got so recycling will be a big element to this month! 


This experiment is not just about fashion however, it’s beauty, lifestyle, food products …literally anything. To kick off this month I’ve been doing a load of research into the world of sustainable fashion and eco-friendly brands. Here are some things I’ve learnt:

  • Did you know theres a 6:1 plastic to plankton ratio in the sea??? This is due to items like straws which BTW do not decompose so literally every straw that’s ever been produced is in the ocean….mind.blown.
  • There are two types of textile waste: pre and post consumer. Pre -consumer waste is when products are produced in an un-eco friendly way i.e; patterns are cut which waste metres of fabric which is then thrown away. Post- consumer waste is when clothes are chucked away or dumped in other countries after you’ve given them to certain charity shops. There are some amazing brands which use the ‘deadstock’ and textile waste to produce gorgeous clothing such as Christy Dawn. Check out their stuff it’s absolutely beautiful. 
  • One of the biggest non-eco friendly mainstream products is laundry detergent. They’re filled with chemicals that can not only harm you but are impacting the earth. If you want to read more click here. This goes for most household cleaning supplies to so if you buy your own cleaning supplies considering switching once you’ve used up your current products (don’t be wasteful!!). Some great brands who produce sustainable cleaning supplies are; Method & Ecover.
  • Currently, a lot of brands are ‘greenwashing’ which is when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” via advertising and marketing than actually implementing business plans which minimize environmental impact. 


These are just some of the many facts I’ve been made aware of through researching in depth. Some sources which I found really useful are; ‘The Conscious Chatter podcast’, The Responsible Company (a book written by the founders of Patagonia), The Eco-age website  (Livia Firths main platform….if you don’t know Livia, look her up she’s a total babe).


I’m really excited to begin this next 4 weeks so lets get to it! I’ll keep you all updated over the next month and we’ll see what happens! I’m also going to dedicate several post’s to eco-friendly brands, interviews and product reviews as well as events etc… it’s gonna be a well rounded experience. 

Let’s go!


The List

Hiya, it’s another edition of ‘The List’ today! There’s kind of a workout theme unintentionally as I’ve been getting back into running etc after my interning hiatus! Hope you enjoy…

Lana Del Rey Vinyl


Sweaty Betty Cactus set


Air Diffuser


S’Well Moonstone bottle


Chanel nail polish in ‘tulle’


Jade facial roller


This entire outfit



Kopari Body Shimmer




Some dreamy things

Hiya! So I don’t know about you but the older I get the more I have become (mildly) obsessed with sort of curating products that are in my life. I think it’s just the development of figuring out your own personal style. So I thought why not share some things which I’ve been using a lot why I like them etc…

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.32.27.png

Ok so first things first, this top, it’s a crop top from Zara. Whilst I’ve mentioned Zara I feel like I need to use this moment to discuss my internal battle with Zara and some high street stores. I have 2 main problems with Zara 1) is a fashion issue and 2) is a sustainability issue. The first issue is the fact that Zara unapologetically rip off designers. They’re entire brand is built around stealing others designs and doing them at a far lower price point. This is such a huge issue because it devalues designers who spend their entire lives creating for a living only to be ripped off. It’s not always bad, Zara have opened the doors for people to branch out in their style and their products are usually ‘on trend’ making it easier for everyday people to be involved in the fashion industry. However, this brings me on to issue 2 which is the sustainability of fast fashion. The culture of buying and throwing away clothes after clothes or not really thinking about what you’re buying is a huge issue because it causes workers to be paid less for churning out more. More clothing waste being dumped in 3rd world countries and so much more. If you wish to read more then click here. If I was not a student then personally I would definitely choose to start stopping from shopping in any fast fashion like stores, but as a fashion student I love fashion and style and I also have no money so that’s not really an option right now but I have definitely started shopping less at these types of stores and investing more in pieces I really like from sustainable companies. So yes I love this Zara top and I’m including it in this post but please be aware of what’s going on behind your clothes.


Whilst on the topic of sustainability, this is a vegan and natural nail polish by the brand Smith & Cult. I have wanted a polish from this company for a long time because not only do I love the cruelty free-ness of them but a nail salon in Florida I frequent (lol.) uses these polishes and I love the actual formula, yes they’re expensive for nail polish but in my opinion it’s worth it. They don’t chip, they’re beautiful colours and they’re super glossy. So I bit-the-bullet and purchased the shade ‘Regret the moon’. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.33.35.png

Ok so Benefit launched this blush and it’s so dreamy. I’m not really into blush, I have mild rosacea so I’m naturally red (?!) but this blush is gorgeous, it’s a mix of coral and gold as well as being subtly shimmery. I use this as an eyeshadow as well and it just adds a lovely glow to my face and doesn’t highlight by redness.


This is just the lipgloss I’ve been loving which I recently purchased. This is technically a lip plumper but I wear it for the gloss it’s like wearing a mirror on your lips if that makes sense. Plus I really like the little sting you get form plumping lip glosses….just me?!

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.34.32.png

This is my book & notebook I have been carrying around all the time. The Girls is a cult classic (AHAHAHAHAHA it’s about a cult.) which I was unsure about but when my angel @catcoum and we saw it was buy one get on free in Waterstones we decided to read it together so that’s what we are doing! So far it’s very interesting. The notebook is my everyday random to-do lists etc and it is beautiful from Christian Lacroix!


As I’ve mentioned before, I am aways on the hunt for a good natural deodorant and this is the best so far. It’s by the brand PitRok and you apply it after you shower when you’re underarms are wet. It works a treat and I find that I don’t need to reapply it throughout the day which is amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.35.32.png

These are the 4 items I have been wearing all the time, they’re sort of a part of me now haha. The rings are from Monica Vinader and they’re rose gold with a moonstone gem and a small diamond. The gold ring is Tiffany&Co and has featured in a lot of posts and the earring is Maria Black.

What are some of your most recent lovely things?


Met Gala wrap up

The Met Gala theme this year was titled ‘Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between’. Here is a little wrap up of my best dressed this year!

Aw cute.


Kim K

I’m not really a Kardashian fan but I have to say I like this paired down Kim that seems to have come out of the aftermath of the Paris Robbery. This simple hair, no jewellery, clean colours. It’s cool and a nice change.


Lily Rose Depp

I love Lily-Rose, she’s so chic for someone so young! This dress is beautiful and although it’s simple, the embroidery, colour & jewellery really make it.


Dakota Johnson

For a dress so dramatic, It looks very balanced, the symmetrical flowers on the shoulders and the weight of the fabric flowers on one side opposing the train really works and makes Dakota’s dress look easy even though it’s heavily embellished.


Diane Kruger

This dress is absolutely breathtaking, I’m a big fan of white and gold so to me this dress is beautiful. I think the cut is flattering and the complimentary blue clutch with the bangles again balances out the look. With her hair and simple makeup, this whole look was one of the best in my opinion.


Lily James

My British addition to the list (the awkward moment when someone points out someone else on this list is also British & I just hadn’t noticed) Lily James looks elegant and the cut of this dress is reminiscent of her Cinderella character….if Cinderella was an edgy swan. (Also, am I the only one who didn’t know she was dating Matt Smith?!)


Zoe Kravitz

Zoe always looks cool and this red carpet was no exception. Her short haircut and exposed dainty tattoos almost accessorised this look alone with her diamond earrings and rings. I love the colour choice of bubblegum pink as it adds femininity to the rest of her look. She also wins best Instagram.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.52.28.png

Michael B Jordan



Zoey Deutch, Tory Burch, Kate Bosworth

These 3 dresses as a group are stunning, I feel as though they work in sync together far better than as individual dresses. All elegant, all with bold accesories and each has a different take on ruffles, Deutch with her sleeves, Burch and Bosworth the entire way down.


Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

Although I wasn’t a massive fan of Blake’s dress, it is almost impossible for her not to look good. The coordination of her train to Ryan’s tie is adorable and makes their look seem as if it was meant to be together. The look is only complete if they’re standing next to each other.


The Olsens

The Olsens always seem to be able to add a bohemian touch to the MET gala no matter what the theme is and this year was no exception. Pairing their lace gowns with edgy fur collars and fortune teller-esque beads and rings bought the Olsen’s vibe together. 


Kendall Jenner

As I previously said, I’m not a huge Kardashian fan but Kendall’s look was insane! There is 0 fabric on this dress, only thread and jewels. It’s a work of art and was a collection of 85,000 hand painted crystals and took over 160 hours of work in five cities by 26 craftspeople! This Met Gala seemed to be a way for celebrities to cement their affiliation to certain designers. Selena Gomez was dressed in Coach, a brand she’s recently begun representing. Same for Topshop and The VS angels. Kendall is the new campaign girl for La Perla and so this ‘dress’ designed by them and clearly representing the lingerie brand I think was a smart move for them and Kendall.


Selena Gomez

Selena’s dress was custom made by Coach and her Makeup was by Marc Jacobs. Selena’s look centred around all of the tiny details. The embroidery, her choker, her bag even had ‘love yourself first’ (one of her tattoos) on the bottom of it. I think she looked beautiful and her and The Weeknd looked lovely together.


Hailey Baldwin

I have to say, this is probably my favourite look of the night. She looks so elegant and like a strong princess aha! The netting accesory was a unique touch and compliments the chain choker beautifully. The two piece shows off her killer abs and means that Hailey is wearing the dress and she doesn’t get eaten by tulle. Love.



Skincare Update

Hiya, So as you may or may not have noticed I’m BIG into skincare. Honestly I will drop $$$ on a good piece of skincare. The right skincare can give you a good base in which to apply makeup or just go out with a naked face because guess what? Your skin is glowy and gorgeous. In this post I thought I would do a little update on my go-to products recently. Oh and btw the reason behind the cover image? WATER is the key to perfect skin….trust me. Stay hydrated chicks…

Skin Laundry cleanser & moisturiser



I’ve already done a full review (& rave) on these products and Skin Laundry as a whole so if you want to read that click here. However, I will just add that since writing that, I have had the Skin Laundry facial and it was crazy and also really effective. It’s a laser facial so they use a laser on your skin but dw it’s nothing dodgy (although it does smell a little odd at first…). It penetrates 2mm beneath the surface I believe so as to get rid of any gunk buried deep in your pores. It doesn’t hurt just tingles a little. The machine gets rid of congestion and spots. Then theres a light treatment which just looks like someones taking a bunch of flash photographs of you and then theres a cooling gel applied to your face. Afterwards, my skin was clear and glowy, it also felt amazing and all the little bumps under my skin I had have gone! Definitely worth it seeing as you can get one session for free at Liberty’s!

Eve Lom cleanser & mask



These are my latest additions to my skincare. I’ve wanted to test out Eve Lom for a while, I have always heard stella reviews about it and I know it’s often used by professional skincare specialists. I actually went to the counter with the intent to buy the rescue mask but ended up buying the cleanser after speaking to the rep (she threw in a travel size of the mask anyway…BABE). If you haven’t heard of double cleansing it’s the newest thing in skincare and it is super simple lol. I know it sounds like effort to wash your face twice but it really does make all the difference. It ensures you get a deeper clean as you remove your makeup first and then are able to deep clean. My friend Hannah who also has a blog (go follow Hauteonmyheels) has started double cleansing too with the Pixi double cleanser and has noticed a difference too, it clearly works a treat! I remove my makeup with the Skin Laundry oil and then properly cleanse with the Eve Lom. When you initially apply it, it feels like an exfoliating balm but the more you massage it into your skin, it dissolves into an oil consistency. Once you’re bored basically, use a muslin cloth in circles to remove and voila! I promise on the first use your skin will look wonderful. I’ve only used the mask once so a full review of this will be to come soon….

Kopari Toner


Again, I’ve already done a review of this product in my last favourites, so if you want to read click here but I will tell you it’s made from rose water so it’s really soothing and it smells divine. Also it’s all natural and vegan.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser


Now I know this isn’t technically skincare but I absolutely love this tinted moisturiser. It gives me just enough coverage to cover up any imperfections but looks like I have no makeup on and this is one of the only foundation-like-products that feels as if it is improving my skin and not wrecking it. I highly recommend for the whole good skin thing.

I hope this gave you some helpful recommendations! Remember to click on the product titles for links & have a lovely bank holiday weekend!


Coachella babes 2017

Hiya, on the first weekend in a fortnight that Coachella has not occurred I thought why not pick my fave looks from the festival this year and show you how to ‘get the look’ in a sense…I know it’s so basic now but tbh I really couldn’t care less. Coachella is insane and the outfits are fab so either click exit to this post or keep reading xxxx

Hailey Baldwin

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 09.16.29.png

Emily Ratajowski


Some angels


Emma Roberts


Aimee Song

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 09.08.47.png

Camilla Coelho 


Lauren Elizabeth


Nina Suess & Lisa Hahnbueck


Emma Roberts


Nina Suess

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 09.04.58.png

Martha Hunt


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White crop top

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Cold Shoulder cami

Mariposa Playsuit

Rimless Aviators

Red swimsuit

Floral crop top

Lemon maxi dress

Denim Shorts


Cold shoulder sundress


Peace Out babes