An interview with Rosie Proudfoot

Today I’m back with an interview with illustrator Rosie Proudfoot of Proud Couture designs. She makes the most beautiful and witty designs so once you’ve read this interview go and check them out! We discuss… View Full Post

Winding Down

I know I K N O W….It’s a been a while and a half but life’s been busy y’know. Let me give you a quick summary in order to justify my behaviour (not really). I… View Full Post

Transitional beauty

If you haven’t read my post about transitional fashion then either go read that then come back to this or read it straight after you’ve red this because they’re kind of a duo. Like I… View Full Post

Salty Style

Summer is over. I know, I know, I feel it too – the impending doom of darker days and colder temperatures. Being ‘in the mood’ for soup and dousing your pillow in Olbas oil because… View Full Post

Transitional Dressing

September is a weird month for getting dressed don’t you think?! One day its 25 degrees and sunny and the next its dark, raining and only reaches a high of 15 (tragic). Is its sweater… View Full Post